A Deejay A Day: Dj Dark Chrystal (Republished)

(Original interview is from 2/23/18. Everything has been kept in it's original form)

Is there a meaning behind your Dj name?

In my early days I was billed as Chrystal Medina, then my sister said you should call yourself Dark Chrystal after watching Jim Henson's The Dark Crystal. I started using it and it stuck, so it became my DJ name.

How long have you been spinning?

I've been spinning since 2002. Coming up on 16 years!

What was your favorite cartoon growing up?

Thats so hard to answer! My favorite cartoon growing up was She-Ra and in a close tight race with Thunder Cats!

If you could be any mystical creature; what would you be and why?

HA! not very mystical but, I would love to be a fly on the wall that can go back in time, sit in recording studios and observe how my favorite bands made music!

Morticia: Haha, you're funny. That would be pretty rad though!

Do you have a go-to set list?

What's the first three on it? Not really because it depends on the event and crowd, but my go to songs to get the floor moving would be, Fad Gadget- Lady Shave, Sisters of Mercy- Lucretia, and Depeche Mode- Strange Love. Something about how those three start just get everyone up out of their seats and moving!

What kind of music do you spin?

I play all things considered Dark-Goth. LOL I know that's very broad. It can be anything from Cocteau Twins, Dead Can Dance to QNTAL, Project Pitchfork. Specifically Dark 80's, Death Rock, Dark Wave, Industrial, EBM, Shoegaze, Post Punk, Synth-pop , too many to name!

When are your next Dj gigs?

I'll be guest dee jay on 02/24/2018 for the Psyclon Nine show at Klub Terminal in Downey, on 03/10/2018 I resident at Playground Twist and Dryspell will be performing. 05/22/2018 I'll be hosting and deejay the DMFANCLUBLA After party for the Masses, the after party for Depeche Mode's Anaheim tour date, we have a great venue called Avenue Anaheim which is opening its doors to a dark crowd, we are really excited for this one!

Here are flyers to Dj Dark Chrystal's next Dj gigs. And one link as she doesn't have a flyer for the Depeche Mode party

So tell us why you started the Los Angeles Depeche Mode fan club?

In 2017 I was chosen to take over the official Depeche Mode Facebook page for the day, It's wonderful honor that lets you interact with fans from all over the world! I was able to share my obsession and fandom on the page. I had over 15K hits on my fan video from tickets I won to the Depeche Mode Secret Hollywood Forever show! I was inundated with messages and friend requests, with the upcoming Hollywood Bowl tour dates for the band , people were asking where to go to party. I started linking all the DM related events, then I thought to myself why isn't their a Los Angeles Fan chapter? So I went for it and now we promote all DM related events happening in LA and surrounding areas! We also promote a DM event every two months which focuses on the DM album releases , we are currently on Construction Time Again, and the night celebrates the releases, remixes and b-sides of the album. We will be having a meet up in Mexico city of the March tour dates there. We also advocate with our friends at the DM Hollywood STAR project , our goal is to see Depeche Mode earn a star on the Hollywood walk of fame! #devotee4life

So we know you DJ, but you're also in two bands? What kind of genre are the bands? What is your stance in those bands?Tell us about it!

I currently slay synth with DTOX, we are a synth punk duo and we cover traditionally post punk songs and make them "dance-y" I also sang in Eyeliner - A dark 80s tribute band - We covered everything from Siouxsie to Lords of the new church.

DTOX band photos

Eyeliner band photos

When are your next band gigs?

DTOX just had a show and will be touring this summer with new music. Eyeliner has upcoming gigs in Long Beach CA.

What is "Voiid La"? Can you tell us about that?

VOIID LA is my baby.... I am currently working on music for this project which will feature guest musician and artists. Think of grind-noise-industrial coupled with strong visual theatrics, live unconventional instruments and a lot of RAGE! Can't wait to share it!

People want to know; what do you love about djing? Is it being able to get people to dance? Or watching your superhuman Dj skills? Or did you make a deal with a wizard?

Ha! great question. I have always LOVED night life, I think it keeps me young and connected. Deejay'n makes me happy pure & simple. I love to share a new song and see an artist blossom, or renew the dance floor love for a forgotten gem. Music is poweful and I feel lucky to have been able to be an "influencer" for the last 16 years!

Dj Dark Chrystal

Last question; we'll sort of. Leave us with a quote:

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” ― Bob Marley

We decided to add this, because how could we not! For those that like joy division you might enjoy this!

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