Goth Haus LA Staff


Morticia Batz

Owner and Founder

Just a girl with an idea, that turned into a bigger idea. The need for compassion in this world, with the combination of love for music, and my activism - this beautiful mess happened. We were just a group of people that wanted to bring people together from an alt social network. We ended becoming what we are today. I am the main journalist for GHLA and I am usually at most events covering them.

Michael-Ray De Los Angeles

Co-Owner and Co-Founder

Michael-Ray was part of our birthing! Since the beginning when we were VFLA and through our name change. He is an activist, music lover, and writer. He also runs the Lorax Community and works with Dr. Susan Block.


Rochelle Solorzano

Head Designer/multi-position

Rochelle has been with Goth Haus LA since the beginning. She enjoys music, anime, and cares about various important causes. She is a huge part of why GHLA is still going strong.

Richard - The Sexy Photographer

Videographer, Photographer, and Editor - Field Staff

The Sexy Photographer is the name we gave him! He has been with us since 2014, covering events and video interviews. He is a writer, filmmaker, youtuber, and artist. We are lucky to have someone as talented as him on our team. You can book him for photography, videography or editing! He is one of the best of the best!


Satcha Greene

Photographer, Videographer - Field Staff

Satcha has been with Goth Haus LA since 2014. She is a creative mind, teacher, and activist. Her photography and videography is very creative and artistic. She loves music, art and creating. Her mind is full of ideas! You can book her for photography and videography.

Social media and Event Team

Social media team: Batty Briefs, Thing 8, Thing 2, Homosapien Guy, Nobody 8, Bree Basura, and Jade Luna.

Event Staff: Ordo Nekron and Charmant Sorcerie

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