Interview of Doom: A Murder Of Crows (Republished)

(This massive interview was published in May 2018 and it was originally published in two parts due to all the editing and coding that was originally used.)

Interview Backround Info: There are 10 interviewees in this interview. Editing and coding originally by Goth Haus LA Co-Owner Capn' RoRo. Re-editing and re-coding by Morticia. This interviewed was called the "Interview of Doom" by Sean Templar. We decided that name was very suitable based on all the work, blood and sweat that came with this interview for RoRo and I haha. We would do it again, and we are doing it again. This interview came from a group chat, and this is the screenplay that was made word for word for Sean's Post punk festival "A murder of Crows." Where deejays from the East Coast, West Coast and the Uk come together to bring a couple days full of awesome bands and deejays.

Morticia: So, where did you guys all start Deejaying? What year was it? And what made you want to start? Martin OldGoth: 1985, the DJ in a club I went to quit and a few of us jumped in and took over, more for a laugh than anything else. And then it got serious.... And then I got addicted.

Sean Templar: I started at my radio station in college in 1992 we would sneak booze in there lock the doors and I would play a ton of Goth and industrial music for the campus, which hated me for it, but I didn’t start official spinning at clubs until 1999 at pyramid.

Dave Bats: I started "professionally" DJing in the mid 90's, to people. Id play in my house but shit didn't get real until RTB happened in 1998. Then it engulfed me even more. Been playing ever since clubs, parties, weddings, funerals, corporate parties. Really!

Patrick Cusack: I started DJing in at the Pyramid in 1992.  I never really set out to do it, but I was going to a party called Troublemaker on 14th street at the old Mother space. I would bring the Dj the latest Goth records on Independent labels that many people weren’t aware of yet (Rosetta Stone, The Wake, Casual Sanity). The promoter saw that I was really informed about the Third Wave of Goth that was just beginning to emerge and asked me to Dj their new party called Stigmata. I thought I would last a few weeks and here I am 26 years later. I haven’t been without a residency somewhere in NYC since that first party. It’s remarkable how the scene just continues. Very few subcultures have that long of a shelf life. Matt V Christ: Ok well I started just slightly later than these guys in 2007 lol. I went to school for audio production and graduated in 2005. My first job after graduation was for a small company that booked live music at local clubs. I missed working directly with the music though so I started DJing shortly after. Erik Aengel: I started djing in 2000 at Albion/Batcave subbing for Patrick when he was out of town. Before that I worked as a club promoter at the Bank and Batcave here in NYC. Sean Templar: Has Jet ever deejayed before? :lol Matt V Christ: Good question, hmmm

Jet: One day I hope!!  Ah, in 99 I had some raver friends that were learning how to Dj on vinyl, I was the token goth kid. I couldn't find much industrial music on vinyl but I found a bunch of evil sounding hardcore techno so I started out with that. Then after a few months I got Dj CD players and started spinning industrial.  At the time I was in school in Rochester, NY and they had a cool local goth club called vertex. I started a couple club nights which did not do so great but it was a lot of fun! What band at Murder of Crows are you most excited to see? Dave Bats: Last Cry foe sure! They played Release The Bats years ago and I've wanted more ever since! Patrick Cusack: I shouldn’t play favorites, but I’m excited to see The Rope from Minneapolis. They just write really great songs. I’m also looking forward to New York's Bootblacks. The new record is flawless and their really cool people. Plus Panther can actually sing. None of those ridiculously deep vocals that the keep the scene constantly on the verge of parody. Matt V Christ: I really enjoy Actors and I'm looking forward to seeing them. Also looking forward to Astari Nite since I worked with them once before and it will be good to see them again

Jenn Bats: Last Cry, but also I have recently been introduced to WAY OUT so looking forward to them as well. The whole weekend is full of pretty rad bands! Brigette Gothtart: Apart from getting to see the last cry play NYC I'd say The Actors and The Rope. We saw The Rope at  Sacrosanct festival last year and they were amazing. Martin Oldgoth: The Last Cry for me too, I've wanted the East Cost to get a chance to see them for a long time, the sheer passion and emotion that they put into every song just reaches right inside you. I've lost count of the times they've had me close to tears! East coast as well! Erik Aengel: I’m torn between Actors and Bootblacks. I’ve never seen actors live but the last album has been on repeat for me for the last two months or so. Bootblacks I’ve seen plenty of times (and was a music video of theirs) but they really get better and better every time I see them. If that’s even possible.

Jet: I'd say actors cuz I'm most familiar with them. Tbh like half the bands are new to me cuz I don't have as many goth points as sean and I'm not as knowledgeable with post-punk/ goth but I love sean and he does amazing  things and it's a great idea. So I'd say my main draw is the community behind it.  Also IAMX

Sean Templar: and no IAMX is not playing. Morticia: Ok, next question is for Sean and Mandana, when did you guys start a "murder of crows? how did the idea come about? Sean Templar: Well, it come about very innocently and very organically. The original 4 of us really started it. The idea of this festival was to do something different and bigger in New York. We started small and each year we grew a little bit as we learned. Mostly it was an excuse for us all come together and drink and be silly while listening to awesome music. There was supposed to be a German or 2 involved but they had to bow out, which is for the best as you know what happens when you involve the Germans...a lot of wurst and tears. It works  out to be so much fun and I think its because you really get a sense of family and tribe. Which is something I think every healthy scene needs. Like I am a fan of all these guys and we only ask bands that we love. Morticia: My next question is, how is the process of booking the bands? Does everyone one in the murder gang help? Or is it just Sean and Mandana? Sean Templar: In regards to booking. It is mainly me but I ask the gang for approval.  Like I would say how about so and so and then Patrick would go, "I haaaate them!!" Morticia: This question is for the guest deejays for Sunday! Do you have a general idea of what your set list might look like? Matt V Christ: Well Sunday is supposed to be the New Wave DJ sets. So I think the sets will be generally New Wavy. Erik Aengel: I personally never have a plan with regard to djing. Once in a blue there might be a single specific song I want to play in advance (usually because it’s new but I always let the crowd response dictate where my set is going to go.

Jet: I'll probably mix it up with some poppy new wave 80s stuff like New order and Tiffany and Nena. But yeah agreed see how the crowd reacts. Morticia: Sean have you guys ever thought of bringing the murder gang to another country? Sean Templar: The answer is no way, well maybe LA if Dave Bats wills it as he runs the scene there with a velvet fist. Morticia: haha oh why of course :lol Dave Bats: A MIGHTY velvet fist. Actually the Murder gang has been to Germany a number of times but just not in this organized capacity. Martin Oldgoth: And three of us will be in Dublin in August. Morticia: Dave Bats it would be so rad if you and Jenn Bats brought the rest of the murder gang down for a fantastic night! Goth Haus LA owould be over that like flies on s*** as you know.

Dave Bats: Indeed! we've talked about it, its just about timing and logistics. Its gonna happen.

Brigette Gothtart: Now that would be awesome. Matt V Christ: I'd be down for that too! Erik Aengel and I just did some gigs in LA last Feb and I'm sure we could get a bunch of those people to attend AMOC west coast! Morticia: Jenn! So, the first day is the "Farewell Release the bats" party. Are you excited to dance your bones off with old friends flying out to the east coast from all over? Jenn Bats: I am excited to dance!! All the DJs are sure to keep us moving. Also I love to just be in the moment. To take in the whole thing, yanno? I'm hoping lots of our fiends will join us in NY this year!! Its so nice when we all gather in a new place to enjoy what we love! Morticia: Yes living in the moment and making memories is important! Morticia: Dave, what are you most excited about for your farewell night at "murder of crows?" Dave Bats: It’s going to be our farewell party # 1. Since RTB is recognized globally, and lots of our friends and cohorts across the water and on the east coast can't make it to our last night in October, we were given the opportunity to bring it to them! We have several friends from Europe flying over. It’s gonna be insane! Morticia: Mandanna, do you work behind the scenes? Even though everyone knows you're like a mastermind of sorts?

Mandana Banshie: Yes, when it comes to Sean's events, I usually host the night of the events and help promote the events but I mainly work behind the scenes leading up to an event. I handle the artist and venue contracts and keep track of the financials but I run everything by him. Sean is the creative genius and I'm the checks and balances and logistics. He does all the plotting and planning and I make sure we can follow through. Morticia: Wow, you guys are a power team! That is so beautiful! Morticia: Brigette, so at a murder of crows you'll be selling merch for a band? Tell us about that?

Brigette Gothtart: I have been doing merch for bands for a few years now started years back doing merch for “The Last Dance” who we have done tours with and still are great friends, also “Strap on Halo”, “Bella Morte” and “The Last Cry” I usually help when the normal merch cannot attend.. I just usually sell CDs, pins, t-shirts and recently The Last Cry had coloured vinyl to sell too. If I remember there is usually some handy haribo sweets on the table somewhere just in case Morticia: That is lovely! What a brilliant thing to do. It's all about helping each other and I love this here! You're amazing! Morticia: Sean do you have any surprises up your sleeves for a "murder of crows? If so don't tell us, just let us know if you have something that might be a surprise. Sean Templar: Yes I do have some surprises...but they might not happen. It all depends on time and space as of right now we are really action packed! Matt V Christ: Right before the final act Sean will be streaking across the stage. Sean Templar: ....again Martin OldGoth: wearing that crow head mask... Sean Templar: It’s not a mask its lifestyle choice!

Morticia: Lol, you guys are too much. Haha Sean Templar: I have a question for the Women of the group: How do you put up with us?

Brigette Gothtart: Rum. Mandana Banshie: We love you. Jet: *Censored Words*

Morticia: Oh, my! Matt V Christ: Hell, I will ask one. Starting with Sean. What do you think is the main reason for murder of crows being successful over the years?

Sean Templar: I think realizing the audience and not going overboard. I believe it has to do with patience, like if we cant get to do it this year well maybe next year. We started small enough where if we did fail, we could still have fun together and not worry about financial aspect to much. Matt V Christ: I think it's two things. One is the genuine love for the scene and it's people that really resonates with this event. Bringing together quality music with quality people and it's just great. Second I think it's Mandana Banshie Templar. We all owe everything to Mandana.

Erik: I thought it was because Sean actually murdered a bunch of crows in some arcane ritual sacrifice to make his event a success. Martin OldGoth: For me, it's a festival unlike most others in the US, that's run by people that care and that makes people feel like they have a place to belong. It's all inclusive, and doesn't take itself too seriously. Jet: Agreed on pretty much everything already said. There's passion behind it and a love for the music and it's built on top of a foundation of already successful nights such as red party. Dave Bats: There are festivals and "big shows" in the US all the time but this one is different. IT's less of a fest and more like a show, if that makes sense. Has an aesthetic of the old school Sean Templar: 100% agree. However, no crows were harmed in the process. <br> <br> What do you think of the Festival moving to Brooklyn?

Matt V Christ: I thought it was great. It's an excellent venue that is easily accessible from all boroughs. That's actually where I am spinning tonight. I think it's just the one floor though. Martin OldGoth: I loved the venue last year. I'll miss the Mercury Lounge (and the sports bar over the road) but t's a great idea. For us it's a lot cheaper for a place to stay for starters! Sean Templar: The sound system is really great and also with 3 floors and a kick ass Mexican restaurant downstairs its ideal for me! We had Xymox there and people really loved the space. Brigette Gothtart: Yes as some of the murder of crows festival was there last time. Only difference is we will have more floors which is great as the main area is pretty big without extra room. Mandana Banshie: Brooklyn Bazaar is awesome. It's 3 floors so it allows us to do different things on each floor like old school clubs. We can have bands, nightclub and market running at the same time so that there's something for everyone and you can wander from room to room. BB is also in a convenient location with a subway stop right on the corner. Jet: I think that there's actually been a shift towards Brooklyn venues in NYC, probably because the alt kids can't afford to live in Manhattan anymore. But, yeah, Brooklyn bazaar is a sweet venue.

Morticia: You guys want to talk about anything else? Sean Templar: Just that this is a labor of Love and we all really work hard for the scene and really want to get as many people out for this! The better we do the more we are able to do. So, I am asking everyone to help promote this beastie and get involved. Martin OldGoth: If we can fly 3,500 miles to turn up and party, then anyone in NYC has no excuse! Morticia: Notes- As I asked this next question here, I wasn't paying attention, to what I was typing. But all this happened. So I'm going to just post my voice text errors here to embarrass myself so you all can laugh! Morticia: My next question is: You all have done a lot for the golf scene, I would like to personally thank you for that. So much work, blood, sweat, tears, and vomit. Morticia: Sorry, I used voice to text. Morticia: haha oh my gosh I meant to say Goth scene, but I'm totally leaving my original wording here. Dave Bats: I want to live in a world as I see it. If given a few hours in a night to create this place and invite everyone I know to be part of it, I won't hesitate. And I’m terrible at Golf.

Sean Templar: It's still fun, we get to go on so many adventures, meet so many amazing people and drink alot of free booze. Also what Dave said, he said it best so attribute his answer to me! Dave Bats: Really, I just love the music and everything we've all been doing all these years and I hope we're rubbing off on those younger than us.

Martin oldgoth: I can't stop, as long as bands are creating music that needs to be heard, and I think I can help them, I will.  It starts as a bit of fun but becomes such a part of you there's no letting go. Plus, I gave up trying to be a rock star 20 years ago and I like making people dance. Also, you have to walk a long way when you play golf, but you can DJ standing still and just dancing a bit. Morticia: Do any of you guys consider yourself a mystical creature? Martin OldGoth: I heard there were small amazon tribes that worship Sean... Sean Templar: Yes I do, I am the dreaded Moosicorn!

Martin OldGoth: I once thought I was a penguin, but I was just wearing a suit. Sean Templar: Omg, you are the Emperor Penguino! Morticia: Any last words for us! Any tips for new deejays? Sean Templar: Only that they should never be afraid to take chances. Dave Bats: Never consider DJing as "work"..

Sean Templar: Don't rely on the hits! Don't be a bloody jukebox, support new bands and don't be a stuck up douche, we got no time for that! Morticia: I heavily second what Sean said! Erik Aengel: Love the music. It comes out when your djing and becomes infectious. The skill of djing can come with time but you can’t fake genuine passion for what your playing. If sharing your love for the music is your goal you’ll always be happy doing it. Matt V Christ: I just love the music and the people. Knowing we have such a great community and that I have the privilege of helping create awesome events for them is what gets me out of bed in the late afternoon. Jet: For new djs I'd say get involved with the scene and support events. And help promote events. You don't just show up and play music you help build nights.

Morticia: I agree with this sooo much Jet! Jenn Bats: I want to thank everyone who has supported Dave & I and Release The Bats all these years!! And I look forward to making more special memories with all the amazing people we are lucky enough to work & party with. Next Stop....A MURDER OF CROWS!! Advice? We didn't know much about running a club night, but I was always into throwing parties. So I think a club night should be the same as throwing a house party. You want your friends and strangers to feel welcome. Also, provide a good vibe, good tunes and have fun!!! Mandana Banshie: If you're starting a night, it's best to check the  calendar to see what other nights are happening so you can find a night with less competition. It doesn't make sense to do the same type of party with the same genre of music on a night where there's another party (or multiple parties) with the same format. It splits the crowd when it's already hard enough to get people out. Also, most parties nowadays are monthly so there's always a date to find where you're not surrounded by the same type of party. It just takes a little research which many folks don't seem to do. Hi-Fi Hillary and I manage the Black On The Outside Calendar as a bare bones calendar meant really for promoters and DJs to use to see what the competition is for a particular night/week/month. It's not meant to replace other calendar event listings. Morticia: You manage something to basically help everyone be on the same page and not step on people's toes!? This is amazing! I really like this site and it's beneficial to our scene. Researching and checking things before doing a night is exactly what a lot of people should be doing. So, to anyone out there on vampirefreaks if you're starting a night, please check out that site. Morticia: Also, is this website for all around the world? Just the US?

Mandana Banshie: It's just for the NYC area and really bare bones. William Wells runs which is nationwide but meant for the public. His is really the best site to find out what's going on in a particular city. Black On The Outside provides a monthly view so you can see what's going on in the NYC area at a glance. Morticia: This is great! Anyone in the NYC area would really benefit from And worldwide here as Mandana has suggested Brigette Gothtart: Just come to this fantastic festival you will not regret it. Matt V ChristS: And pay attention to what is happening. Don’t just go starting an event on a night that already had 16 established events happening. Sean Templar: That sounds familiar.

Morticia: I’m not even a deejay, but I SEE this to be such a problem everywhere, it's annoying and rude. This isn't a competition, yanno? Respect and share music don't step on toes and spit on everyone!

Sean Templar: One last thing...I cant wait to see you all together in the same room once again! And see a lot of you in 1 week at Treffen! Martin OldGoth: Thanks Morticia, good luck sorting through this lot... Look forward to the results Sean Templar: Yeah, good luck, now I feel guilty. I owe you a drink! Morticia: I got this! Yes, this interview was all over the place, but it was so much fun. I really enjoyed talking to all of you! This did take a lot of extra editing, HTML and what not but it was soooo worth it! And I am so excited that I get to share this with the world! One of my favorite deejay interviews yet, very, very interactive and funny! Thank you all for your time! Murder of crows is a festival in New York City now being moved to Brooklyn presented by the original 4! Dj Templar, Dj Martin Oldgoth, DJ Dave bats, and Dj Patrick Cusack

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