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 Goth Haus LA: Where You Should Buy From

We believe in knowing where our money goes, and we believe that when one buys something they are voting. Voting that they are okay with how it was made, who got the materials, who actually made and processed it, and how it got here. These listings are handpicked by staff, and we know where they are getting their materials. No Slave work or dirty corporate guys here! So, here is where you can find people who hand-make everything your heart desires. Here is where you can find independent businesses. We believe in supporting our goth communities worldwide, and not so goth communities. You will find different unique treats here.

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DIY and Independent shops: Welcome

The Best Of The Best

Support local and worldwide

Killer Pins by Jenn Bats

Long Beach , Ca

Jenn Bats has been making Killer Pins since 2003. Killer Pins specializes in making affordable pins for bands, clubs, events and more. If you need a pin for your company, your band, your friend, your cat, your parrot, your wedding, your anniversary, your club they got you covered. If your dream is to have banana pins or a toilet paper pin-- Killer Pins will do it. The best part is  you know where your pins are coming from, and who made them.

La Mano Agresiva - Artist/Tattoo Artist

Temuco, Chile

Nikolas is an artist/tattoo artist. He is known for creating art and tattoos in the punk and goth subcultures, but he can really make you anything make you anything you want. We adore and support his work! If you want cool custom made art, or want give someone a cool gift go to him! If you live in Chile, or plan to visit and want to get a beautiful tattoo well now you know where to got!

The Walking Thread Los Angeles - Small/DIY Business

Los Angeles, Ca

Bobby has a special skill that he has been using since 2013 to find the coolest drip around while searching for treasures for his DIY business. He and his business partner Jana Jordan sell 100% recycled, up-cycled, sustainable, and re-worked pieces. Experts in music merch and finding garments from all eras! They are especially good at reworking and fixing up damaged garments! Selling almost every weekend at Silverlake flea market. Regulars at Ear Damage Collective and Silverlake Flea in Encinitas. You can also catch Bobby Live on instagram on the Silverlake Flea Market's instagram.

Samson Don Monique Pedroza - ThatMixedApache

Support Native American - San Diego, Ca

"That Mixed Apache" lives and breathes beading special custom made native jewelry, and other things like hats and shoes. He is a great artist. The time he spends on each piece he makes, is days and hours and even sometimes weeks -- because beautiful handmade authentic creations take time. If you buy from him, you know where your money is going and you are supporting an independent indigenous brother.

Serina Taylor - Artist

California girl living in Colorado

Serina fell in love with making art recently, and she found out she had a hidden talent. These hauntingly beautiful floaty paintings she makes are a breath of fresh art in the world. If you want something unique but made from fresh artistic passion -- Serina is where it's at.

1CONOCLA5T - Store, filmaker, mulitalented

Huntington Beach, Ca

1CONOCLA5T has opened the official 1CONOCLA5T Store! He is known for his photography, videography, art, films, youtube videos and so much more. A dude of many talents! He is one of those people that makes you smile when days are terrible! He is like the organic vegan all natural prozac you need when you feel down! He also happens to be one of our own. We saw he needed us, and we were there. Just like he is always there for us!

Whipped and Chained

Oakland/SF, Ca

Sierra makes handmade vegan leather bondage and chain mail! They make jewelry, cuffs, bootstraps, belts, collars, body harnesses and more. Their pieces are just beautifully made, you can see the love that goes into each piece. While, they are not making these creations; they are out making music. They are the lead singer of Mystic Priestess. Sierra is also a human rights activist and spends time educating the internet about causes and social injustice, as well as going out there and standing up and with various communities. If you want authentic handmade jewelry, chainmail, belts and more they have you covered. Isn't it nice knowing where your money is going and that no human or animals suffered during this process? We think so too.

Greene Boutique & Green Sanctuary

Orange County, Ca

Greene Boutique is an eco-friendly establishment. A regeneration of fashion & home decor. They are striving towards the progression of manufacturing designs using hemp material & cacti "leather".
Green Sanctuary offers Energetic alignment services, tarot, & Wellness Retreats.
When you buy or learn from Satcha Greene you are getting the real authentic deal. She has everything from clothing to plants. The clothes she normally has are vinatge, Victorian, 80s and punk diy. Plus everything is always eco-friendly and vegan.

Eddie De La Barca - The best of Venice Beach

Venice Beach, Ca

Eddie De La Barca is a true artist. He is so humble and kind! Aside from that his art is authentic to the core, and he repurposes some things while also giving back. For example; when skaters have broken their boards, or have no use for their deck they know who to go to in town. They go to Eddie -  he takes their boards that could have been in the trash, hands them some $, and makes beautiful art pieces with them. If you want something unique, made with love and recycled sustainably -- Eddie De La Barca is where it's at.

Aberrant Worx - Jewelry & Watercolor Art

Cypress, Ca

Liz makes unique handmade jewelry and really pretty watercolor art. She keeps busy emerging herself into different forms of art. It is always cool to see what she created, whether its a new song, an outfit, art, or some type of jewelry. It doesn't hurt that she is such a loving and kind person either. Genuineness and authenticity is important to Goth Haus LA - Liz fits that description in its entirety

Grimm's Vegan Eatz

Serving Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego

Grimm is known for many things, but he loves making food! During these times he can't go to the places he usually did. So he has been cooking up food and bringing it to his customers. If you want homemade Mexican Vegan food -- and you are in his service areas... Grimm will not disappoint you with his yummy Eatz! Keep up to date with his service dates.

DIY and Independent shops: Features
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