The Dirty Horror releases a new video! “Hey Mister.”

As many of you know we are a HUGE supporter of “The Dirty Horror.” And no, it’s not just because they contain former members of “Scarlet‘s remains” and “The Fear cult.” It is the pure talent of the musicians, the music and lyrical writing. The unique vocals of Danna Diaz -- a woman that can give you mixed emotions, who tears up the stage. Or the chemistry between band members, or the talent in each member! They exist and bring the world an array of confusion, happiness, love, hate, sex, and as I have quoted to Tony Havoc “Wet dicks and pussies everywhere.”

Check out this new video by them! Created by the talented Chandler Grace of “Frozen Charlottes.”

He also currently slaps bass for The Dirty Horror. This new video release is everything!

Stay tuned for the littlest fans of The Dirty Horror...

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