Music you should be listening to: Zephyr

We are always looking for new music all around the world. We came across this 3-piece band Zephyr!

The music is pretty unique and amazing. They have a 60’s vibe with some blues and reggae sounds. If you haven’t heard them yet, we’ll you should start now. We took a quick minute to get a little info about each member in order to introduce them to all of you guys!

Brandon Broglia the singer and guitar player of Zephyr

Age of 21, guitarist/musician, singer, poet of Zephyr.

Inspiration from all things exotic, obscure, disgusting, & delightful

If needed to describe my view of sound

We have electric tastes of poetic, & exotic psychedelia blues tones.

Inside void axis, folds primordial creation; Our infinite divinity.

Daryus Gilmer the Drummer of Zephyr

I'm 21 years old and I play drums. The 80s era is where my tempo comes from and to where I'm heavenly influended on. Hearing artist of the 60s to late 70s has begun to fusion my playing into a certain style which benefits the creativity to meet each others illustrative minds. Knowing the band Zephyr will have you tripping on a roller coaster going at dynamic speeds but wanting to attempt the ride again.

Carlos Lopez the bass player and backup vocals of Zephyr

22 years old, bass player and back-up vocals for Zephyr. My style is a mixture of both Brandon’s and Daryus’s, so it’s kind of my job to help bring out that connection between those two different musical spectrums since I share similar influences between the two. There’s not much to say about our music other than what it already says about itself. We’re a loud, aggressive, fat wall of sound with plenty of melodic sincerity. We’re one of kind, a force to be reckoned with.

Zephyr is a band worth checking out. Our team is dedicated to finding the music you all miss! In this day and age there are so many bands tucked into the nook and crannies of the world and it’s almost impossible to discover each and every one of them. But at Vampirefreaks Los Angeles and Batzcave it’s our goal and passion to find them all!

Check our their EP here:

You can can find all things Zephyr below!




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