Short Story: Hero Cheese Tamales

This story was written by the owner of GHLA"s daughter Angelica! Angelica just turned 13, and loves science and math. She wrote this story for a class she was in and it was so good we decided it needed to be published! The story is funny, creative, and involves Greek Mythology! We hope you enjoy this as much as we did!

There is this hero and his name is Cheese Tamales. Cheese Tamales gives out free Tamales to people who don’t have enough money to buy food. He only has one enemy, his enemy was Hades the God of death who rules the underworld. Cheese Tamales and Hades were enemies, because Cheese Tamales was in love with Persophone. Persophone was the Goddess of vegetation and she ruled the underworld with Hades who is her Uncle/lover. She was like a prisoner to Hades, because he had kidnapped her from Demeter, her mother.

Persophone also was in love with Cheese Tamales. Their love for eachother was forbidden because Hades wanted Persophone with him to rule the underworld. Persophone and Cheese Tamales had to secretly see each other, (kind of like Romeo and Juliette “Shakespear”). One night they were both sneaking out to see each other and Hades saw her leaving. He wondered where she was going, so Hades decided to follow her. He was stealthy so he went undetected. Once Persophone made it to her destination, Hades decided to hide in the corner.

Then… Cheese Tamales arrived and Hades was freaking out and very angry. Hades felt that way because he saw Persophone with Cheese Tamales, which made him feel betrayed. Hades' first move was to try and kill Cheese Tamales because he was with his love, and that filled Hades with envy. Cheese Tamales was shooting cheese tamales to Hades face, Cheese Tamales also shooted extra hot sauce with flames in Hades eyes. Then they were continuing with the brutal fight over Perosphone. Eventually, Cheese Tamales won from all his tamale and hot sauce shooting which made Hades lose his vision. Cheese Tamales was victorious and Hades fell back into the underworld with no power left in him.. Persophone and Cheese Tamales finally lived happily ever after with no more troubles on the way…

Story written by: Angelica Espinoza

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