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Greek Myth Adventures With Angie: The Birth Of Jr Greek Child!

Angelica has done it again! Read the continuation of Persephone's and Hero Cheese Tamales! Stay tuned for more stories from youth writers!!! Angie hates writing and loves math and science! She is interested in Stem Cell research, Ophthalmology, and biology. She has found the pleasure in writing creative stories! Please enjoy this story! No edits where done and it is as is!!!!!!!!!

This is the story of the birth of Jr. Greek child and how she got powers. So after Persophone and Cheese Tamales defeated hades they went and got married and went on their honeymoon. When they came back home to see Demeter, Persephone’s mother Demeter noticed that Persophone was pregnant. So if you´ve seen Wanavision Wanda´s stomach was getting bigger like every 5 minutes and that same thing happened to Persophone. While Persophone´s stomach was growing literally every 5 minutes Cheese Tamales was freaking out that her stomach kept getting larger and larger. Her stomach grew larger than usual and it was concerning for Demeter and Cheese Tamales. So about 45 minutes later Persophone was fully pregnant and was ready to give birth. Since it grew every 5 minutes, it grew 9 times every 5 minutes so that´s why it took 45 minutes. So her son came out Cheese Tamales named him Jr. Tamales. Persephone was still in pain and her stomach was still at a large size and then 3 seconds later her daughter came out and she looked like a Penguin, Persephone planned to name her and she named her… Jr. Greek Child! So their doctor told Persophone and Cheese Tamales that it was a loss of some gene cells and that caused a genetic problem with Jr. Greek Child. 5 years later… One morning Persphone was playing with the Kids and Cheese Tamales was cooking Tamales in the kitchen for the kid’s birthday. So Persphone was talking to the kids and asking them what they wanted for their birthday and Jr. Tamales asked for video games while Jr. Greek Child asked for a Physiology and Anatomy book. Jr. Greek Child was the younger twin but the smartest twin and loved science and wanted to learn so much about it. When she was only a couple of months old her first words were CELLS! Anyways while she asked her mom for her birthday present it appeared right in her hand, Persephone was shocked and yelled for Cheese Tamales to come and see what had happened. Cheese Tamales didn´t believe it at first but then she said something that she wanted and it popped into her hand. Cheese Tamales was just as shocked as Persophone was and then Cheese Tamales asked Jr. Greek child if she could do anything more and she tried to fly, teleport etc. but it didn´t seem to work. Jr. Tamales became envious of Jr. Greek child because he didn´t have powers just like she did and that was troublesome for their sibling relationship… 10 years later… Every birthday the Twins had, Jr. Greek child gained more and more powers each year and since this year was her 15th birthday along with Jr. Tamales´s 15th birthday she grew to control every power she had even the new one she was getting today. Since she was turning 15 today she was going to get her Quinceanera but they still had to celebrate Jr. Tamales´s birthday too so his special day was going to be celebrated after Jr. Greek child´s Quince. Before celebrating her Quinceanera she asked Persophone and Cheese Tamales if she could go see someone who could tell her about who she really is. Persephone and Cheese Tamales agreed to take her but wait until after her Quinceanera and Jr. Tamales´ birthday party. Jr. Greek Child had a Science and Music-themed Quinceanera the color scheme was Purple and Roze gold. Her whole family from both sides came and all of her friends. It was a huge party and her dress was super puffy. A week after her birthday her parents took to some special person who knows everything about genetic cell problems but is not an ordinary scientist. This scientist is the same kind as Jr. Greek child and she knows everything about their kind. So they make it this scientist home and Jr. Greek child, like why do I look like this? And why do I have these powers? So the scientist told her that her cells changed because of the different genes that Persophone and Cheese Tamales have individually and your cells couldn't handle so many genes from your parents it made you look like a penguin and gain these powers. In your brother’s case since he was the first twin to come out, he was able to handle your parent’s genetics because when it comes to a family like this the first child is always the normal one and there always to be something more unique about the second child. The Scientist explained that she had an older sibling that was normal and she was the one who was unique. Persephone, Cheese Tamales, and Jr. Greek God were still puzzled though because the scientist looked so human but still had those unique powers. They all asked this scientist how she looked human and she said… On your 16th birthday, you get your last powers, and since that would be the last power you turn normal, but you will still be unique because you have all these powers. The scientist spoke again and said… when it´s your 16th birthday I want you to come back and I will show you how to use all of your powers and use them for good and become a superhero.

Story written


Angelica Espinoza

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