Newer Human Trafficking ring in Los Angeles

Human Trafficking happens everyday and anywhere. But, knowing where it is happening can sometimes be helpful. We have spoken with several different police officers all around these locations in Los Angeles asking if they were aware of these human traffickers or if there was any type of investigation going on. Unfortunately, LAPD officers have shrugged and stated they didn’t think there was an investigation. It is scary to know that there are predators on the streets that can take a girl in a matter of minutes. It’s a whole operation — I have seen it happen while having coffee in Los Angeles and watching a girl get picked up in a matter of minutes after having had a less then five minute conversation. Since the authorities seem to not have the answers and haven’t seen this to be a big deal. We have decided to publish this information publicly so that people know what to look for.

Human trafficking in Los Angeles

In Los Angeles in the last two to two and a half years, there is a new formed human trafficking ring.  

• It’s in a public setting • It happens in front of law enforcement


• Los Angeles Metro train stations; red line, purple line, silver line, gold line, orange line, blue line, expo line and green line trains.

Where are they exactly?

• Usually standing around outside train stations. These men come usually in dyads and triads. (they can be alone too)

What are the signs? How do I know?

• They usually will ask you if you want a job or if you are looking for work. (job, work, money are KEY words).

Who are their targets?

• All women, children, all ages, sizes, races and ethnicities. However they tend to target ages eleven to thirty-eight.

There is another group connected to the other men. These group of men go on their missions solo. They are never in a group when approaching women and young girls.

Where do I find them?

• Inside the trains.  

How will I know?

• A man will come up to you. He will be cordial and come off as respectful and professional. He will give you a nice respectable non-invasive compliment, then he will hand you a “business card” and tell you to contact him if you are interested.

He comes off professional, is respectful and has a business card. Seems legit? No! Many of these cards will say “music video girls”, “looking for actresses”, and “Models.” The gigs will pay between “$300 and $500” a day. His card will have a title as an agent/agency or a manager. Sometimes they will not have a title, just a name and number. This is how they can effectively lure in women and young girls. You will not be getting paid this money, nor will you be an actress, model or music video dancer.

They are strategic

• At every stop on a train, they will pick one to three girls per cab based on visuals. (Visuals are; a girl he already approached gets off the train or one girl is out of eye sight from the other girl he already approached in the train). They go in and out of train cabs at every stop. They will only do it as a round trip or half trip in order to not “burn the spot” so to speak.

Beware:  The men that hang out around the trains – they have women and young girls picked up by other men in minutes, these women and children are never seen again. It could be you, or someone you know, your daughter, your sister, your mother. Know the signs, and be careful. Get help and report it! Below are all places you can call to report this.

Local law enforcement: whatever area you are, you can call the local law enforcement there and make sure they know.

LA Metro human trafficking task force: 800-655-4095

CAST (Coalition To Abolish Slavery & Human Trafficking): 888-539-2373

LARCS (Los Angeles Crime Stoppers): 800-222-8477

National Human Trafficking Hotline (California Division): 888-373-7888 (or text 233733)

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