Montebello, Ca - Animal Neglect/Abuse.

Going to a place where animals are held in captivity, for humans is always hard for some.

Recently some VFLA staff went and visited a petting zoo in Montebello, Ca called "Montebello Barnyard Zoo" they have been open and around since 1968. What they found was devastating. The animals were un-kept, living in poor conditions and may have some medical problems. For example; specifically in "the barn area" an estimated 900- 1000 square feet of the property houses a bull, donkeys, horses, miniature horses, sheep, and goats. They animals seem sad, sick and scared. Sure, animals can share spaces, but a small space like this with a variety of animals is not right. In another part of the zoo there is a makeshift cage with a divider between one bunny and about four tortoises. In this cage the bunny is housed on concrete and nothing else - just straight concrete with a feeder in the cage. On the other side of the cage there is mud, and a feeder for the tortoise's. There is another cage for chickens, but the chickens have an unlikely roommates -- they shared their cage with two peacocks. There was a little fence around a shallow pond and housed ducks. Now we all know ponds do get filthy, but this was beyond filthy and looked like it had not been cleaned in months.There was a shared barred cage that was divided between three alpacas and one ostrich. The ostrich had wounds on his/her head and bald spots. The alpacas seemed sad, and lethargic. The pigs had hair that felt like straw just like other animals at this petting zoo did. This has us under the impression that the straw like hair is due to not being groomed or taken care of as if they have had multiple liquids or bacteria's that have dried and caused the hair to be stiff. Another thing we noticed was that most of the animals here had patches of hair missing. Another thing we saw was that many of the horses and donkeys had severe conjunctivitis which is a type of eye infection.Because of this visit VFLA staff have decided to start an official investigation of the establishment and will be contacting SPCA Humane Society and other organizations. This is completely disgusting, heart breaking, and disheartening to see extreme neglect of beautiful and majestic animals. We believe that animals have rights, and deserve to be treated with dignity, respect and love. We plan to gather more documentation for this and may even go as far as starting a petition to shut down this establishment and make sure the animals get put in better conditions. We are willing to take them to court if we have to. We would love your support, so please share this article.

Check the slideshow below. Some are closeups of animals.

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