Deathrock is Not Reviving II: Deep Cavity

This is our new monthly segment which has been created to help bands that play the deathrock genre. Each month we will share a band that plays the genre.

We are smaller, and more DIY - but one thing we can offer you is facts, truth and we promise to not mislead you. Lastly, Deathrock is NOT having a revival, it survives and thrives. The issue is that many Deathrock bands around the world are hard to find because they do not have a massive amount of followers, and some do not even have social media. It may be hard to find, but if you look for it you will find it. As someone once said "We are the underground, of the underground." We are starting this segment knowing we may get sh** for this, and we frankly don't give a fu**. We will not break our promise to our followers that we will set out to expose these bands. Each segment will cover a Deathrock band. We are trying to help the bands and the people by doing this -- it is the only way we know how to. We have no malicious intentions, just want to share these things.

Fun Fact: If a band has members that might dress like a deathrocker, that does not mean their music is deathrock. Just like if a band doesn't dress like a deathrocker, that does not mean their music is not deathrock.

Deep Cavity is a deathrock band from Riverside, Ca. You can guess the idea behind their name. We recommend checking them out if you want to listen to deathrock. In our opinion Deep Cavity is one of those raw and pure deathrock bands.

We are not elitist, we just want to educate all that may be being mislead, or being confused.This is also sadly hard and frustrating for bands that have been around playing Deathrock, they get dismissed or not seen for many reasons. Usually, due to people not doing the research, not being able to find bands, or because the band might not have a huge following (some will ignore bands that do not have a large follow count). And, finally remember that goth is a music based subculture, fashion is a choice. Social media is great, but people are twisting this music based subculture, and we can tell you now that it is not about online fame or about unboxing items or trying on clothes on youtube, it is and always will be about the MUSIC.

Check out this music video from Deep Cavity

We urge you all to follow Deep Cavity and support the bands we recommend if you like their music of course.

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