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Thanksgiving Thoughts - No thanks taking

Hi everyone ya'll know me it's Angelica I write this every year,

This year in the 8th grade I figured my teacher didn't know that I'm Native American hence they didn't acknowledge Native Americans -- As most teachers are performative now. This year European culture AKA "US History" is being taught as usual.. My history teacher didn't even mention anything about the Native Americans for Thanksgiving. He basically just brushed it off like it was nothing. He did acknowledge Native American month but he was very vague with his words. None of my teachers showed any videos of what Thanksgiving was, and when they spoke about it they made everything sound like it was such a nice holiday and that nothing happened. I guess I would say I'm okay with the fact that they didn't teach us lies again , but I am lowkey disappointed of the fact that they didn't even MENTION it at all! It's kind of upsetting, I've lost a lot of respect for my teachers because I expect more from them. I think the school system thinks they have assimilated us by grade 7 into their European culture and I think that they think that just cause we are kids we don't have a voice in what this "holiday" is about. I would think that they would at least say something but no they just decided today were gonna ignore all The Native Americans feelings and not acknowledge them whatsoever. For my last few words I am going to say this... Please take the rest of this day learning about the true meaning of Thanksgiving. BTW ya'll tomorrow is "black friday" but did you also know it is Native American Heritage day? Also all of November is Native American Heritage month. One more thing, do you find it odd how Americans celebrate 'Thanksgiving" and then spend the next day fighting each other shopping? I think possibly many Americans are not thankful for what they have -- we live in a fast fashion, and consumer driven world. Many people use "Thanksgiving" as an excuse for spending time with our loved ones? What about the rest of the year? Does it only count for man made holidays to appreciate your loved ones, and spend time with them? Some delicious imaginary food for thought...

Alex my little brother had this to say. "I would like to tell my teacher that she and the author of the books she made us read are LIARS. For, example the book "Blood on the river" which is about the pilgrim, puritans, and Native Americans and how they meet -- which is a lie. I feel like she should be the one going to detention, not me for telling the truth about thanksgiving. In general I just feel really disappointed in Miss. Lim and my school for lying to all of us."

Catch phrase by me (Angelica): Spend a day in our Moccasins.

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