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Sex Gang Children Re-Release's : The Singles 1982-1984 Very Special (Red Marble Double Vinyl)

We have some cool news about Sex Gang Children!

Sex Gang Children has re-released their 1982-1984 singles on a special red marble double vinyl! For fans old and new this is a special gem to add to your SGC collection, or to start your collection! This vinyl also includes "Oh Funny Man" and "The Hungry Years' with Marc Almond! It contains all A and B track sides!

All songs have been remastered, and it is the first time the entire 1982-1984 collection has ever been on vinyl all together! This is a dream for all ASG and SGC fans! This is also a great gift for loved ones.

We were excited when we got the news about Sex Gang Children's Re-release and so excited to share it with everyone! The vinyl itself is unique, and one of a kind! We heavily suggest picking one up before they are gone as we are unsure how long these vinyls will last before they are gone!

You can purchase one at Cleopatra Records here: Get the vinyl here

Be sure to follow Sex Gang Children and Andi Sex Gang on social media so you don't miss out on anything new!

Links to SGC and ASG

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