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Mini-Interview: A conversation with Ausgang

Hey ya'll I sent Homosapian Guy and Brian on a mission at 1am the other night, and they were able to give Mark Freeth a mini-interview! These are the results, Brian and Homosapian are named in the interview anywhere they talk, everything else is Ausgang's Reply. I did not correct any of Homosapians grammar. A huge thank you to Ausgang for doing this interview with us!! - Batz

If Ausgang was a mystical creature what do you think it would be?

😂Love it! Ok, I’m gonna have to say a mermaid/merman - they always seemed pretty sexy to me - even the creepy ones!

Was there ever a time with the band (including when Ausgang was Kabuki) that you shared the stage with a band/bands that y’all couldn’t believe you shared a stage with?

Well, we were pretty stoked to have supported Death Cult, Gene Loves Jezebel, Alien Sex Fiend, Hanoi Rocks & Sex Gang Children. In my fantasy mind, I wish we could have supported The Gun Club & Birthday Party 😂!

So Ausgang is coming to the United States this year! I mean we are all excited and lucky! Can you tell us all where you’re going? And if there’s anything else you wanna say about your tour in Murica’? Haha

Brian: So Canada and US!

A couple of those dates on the east coast in Sept have yet to be confirmed, but that’s more or less it. We love playing the States. We’ve only done 2 shows in NYC and 1 in LA before. But we feel a real connection because, as far as we’re concerned, the US was the real birthplace of punk rock. Esp CBGB - which we’re honored to have played just before it closed. And yeah - 2 shows in Canada! Toronto, man! The home of Scott Pilgrim!

Brian: I think the US feels the same about the UK being a birthplace of it, just didn’t have an exact name for it yet. Haha Well I can’t speak for all of the US but a lot of people in punk may feel the same way about the UK!

Ausgang is kicking off their tour by playing in Manchester, England first! If you are there you should go! (Hint hint Papa! Go!!!! Yes I am publicly in a interview telling you to go haha. There will be no Gollums there! haha (inside joke) - Batz)

Photo by Mick Mercer

I think the UK can be proud that we kinda gave birth to glam rock (which I was into in the early/mid-70s), which then sort of morphed into punk after we were influenced your art school punk rock (esp in NYC - but not exclusively).

Brian: And hey that’s true! Ok homosapian is coming now. He says he’s going to use his best grammar. The next questions are his! But I may type too lol so we will need to use our staff tags. I’m pretty sure homosapian is waiting for me to shut up lol - Brian

Homosapian Guy: My staff signature should be my watahmelon - homosapian guy

Hey! So I’m the goofy sad boi hehehehe I’m using my bestest social media grammar.

Why did you change Kabuki to Ausgang? I’m sure a lot of people who don’t know r curious about that and some people might not know about that. I am a horse that wants to know

So, when we were Kabuki, we were trying to steer away from the regular ‘rock’ thing into a more ‘arty’, ‘performance’ thing. So there were a lot of theatricals on stage. But I think we went a little too far and it started to feel a little pretentious. So we decided to strip it down and go back to basics with a new name. Ausgang was born.

Kabuki Line up

Homosapian Guy: So it was like u guys were trying to be your own thing, but then it went one way and you recreated? Idk if I make sense. 🍉Went in a direction you didn’t like I meant 2 say

Yeah - absolutely! And bear in mind, this was pre-internet, so we almost thought we were the only band taking this approach 😂If course we weren’t - but it took a while to find there were other, like-minded groups experimenting in a similar kind of way.

Homosapian Guy: No 100% get this. But in a way you were part of one of the first bands, I’d imagine.

I guess so. As individuals, we’d come out of the punk thing, as a band I guess we could’ve been called ‘post-punk’, one section of which organically morphed into ‘goth’ - but that tag too took a while to come into common parlance.

Homosapian Guy: All these damn labels they get us! And even more so now people can be sticklers on wut genre is wut and wut genre isn’t. Morticia usually like 2 ask every few interviews a band what genre they think their band was in their opinion.

Was checking the question count. One more n then bonus wild 😛 question last! - homosapian guy

Yeah - labels can sometimes be a millstone around a band’s neck, but I understand why they come about. People kinda like to know where a group is coming from. And if the group don’t tell ‘em, then fans and journalists will do it for ‘em! 😂

Homosapian Guy: That’s where Morticia is different she wants to know what the bands think. Some bands have ideas of what they consider their music to be or evolved to be n some bands like their fans to decide

Photo by Justin Minister

You all are playing the big Rebellion fest in

August, are you guys excited?

Oh yeah - can’t wait for Rebellion! We were asked to do it last year but we were double-booked. It’s such a big deal! A LOT of people! It’s gonna be a blast!

Rebellion Festival is in Blackpool, England August 3rd - 6th. Photo used in flyer is by Mick Mercer

Here’s a pic of me whilst we’re chatting…😂

Homosapian Guy: We are going to add this photo!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bonus Question: So I wanted to ask you about being a trainer? You’re like a fitness trainer of sorts? I think that’s pretty cool. Has this always been a passion of yours?

Yeah - I’ve been into physical disciplines since I was 14 - 48 years! Kung fu, Greco/Roman wrestling, fencing, yoga & now simply ‘movement’ (kinda like callisthenics/bodyweight conditioning). I’ve been teaching for 20 years. Very much part-time now on a 1-1 basis. More of my time is being taken up with the resurgence of interest in Ausgang 😂Which is great!

Doing Movement work

Homosapian Guy: Wow that is amazing and so cool! Health and fitness is important not just for the body and immune system but also mental health. Thank you for sharing this with us! I mean it is amazing! But many people never stopped listening to Ausgang, clubs didn’t stop playing it. You were never forgotten. I think it took people reaching out to you guys and your willingness to come back has given the world a gift. Ourselves we have experienced this! We have reached out to two members of Isolation Ward and have been working with them and an interview over the last few years. It will be in French and English! Whenever it’s done! I remember we reached out to Corprus Delicti when they weren’t active, and a year later they became active and they are playing again. We know they aren’t playing because of us, but we like to think we were part of the “reach outs” that pushed them to come back.

That’s just awesome! I think a lot of this is down to people like yourselves being passionate, proactive and reaching out. The internet has played a big part obviously. We’re honored, humbled and excited that there are more people than ever out there asking us to pick it up again. It’s just fabulous that our material is still speaking to people - especially as there are so many younger fantastic bands out there! At this point, can I plug 2 of my fave groups at the moment? Electric Cowboy Club and Beware The Suki Tiger. They’re both awesome!

Homosapian Guy: Absolutely! We love sharing and helping other bands! We will add links to their music in the interview. Well I think even more so many of the younger bands are like stoked to play with you and be around older bands that are basically legends! The old and new and local and worldwide bands are all important. We’re like a big family. I hate the internet but I work in IT. I hate it so much, but I love that we can talk to anyone in the world and make big connections across the wires or wireless connection haha! We like to mix it up with paper flyers and online promo!

Check out Beware The Suki Tiger here - Click me

Check out Electric Cowboy Club here - Click me

Ausgang lineup consists of Victor - drums, Sarah - bass, Max - vocals, Matthew - guitar.

It is no secret that LA is excited for Ausgang to play. It's not just us though! Our friends all over the United States are excited and thankful, as well as our friends in Canada. This is a very special tour! Make sure to follow Ausgang to see if they are coming near you!

Links to Ausgang

Many thanks for your time! And doing this with us! - Goth Haus La Staff

The jacket I'm wearing is an awesome top by punk/goth clothes maker Dani who goes under the name Less Than Human. She’s awesome! - Mark Freeth

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