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Mini Dj Interviews with Dj's Sean Templar and Ralphie Nigma at a Murder Of Crows 23'

We interviewed Deejays Ralphie Nigma from Los Angeles and Sean Templar from NYC. Sean and Mandanna are the reason A Murder Of Crows Post Punk Festival exist! They create such a beautiful community in all that they do, not just AMOC. They bring people together from around the world! We thank you for all that ya'll do!
We were a bit mischievous in this interview because Ralphie and Sean have a deep love and hate for each other and it was beautiful to capture the beef!
As for Ralphie, we miss his events in LA, and now we know what we need for him to do another event! FANGS ON FUR MUST COME BACK (Obvi we miss them too), and then a dream team of Dj Ralphie Nigma, Dave Bats of Release the Bats/Release the Bats Radio show, and Sean Templar of AMOC, The Red Party, and Sunday Gothic Brunch! LETS MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!! Enjoy the interview below!

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