Interview with Lucas Lanthier of Cinema Strange and The Deadfly Ensemble

(Original interview was published in March 2019)

An interview with Lucas Lanthier, the mastermind behind "Cinema Strange" and "The Deadfly Ensemble." This is a very unique and special interview unlike any other. Grab a cup of tea and sit back, relax and get into the mind of Lucas Lanthier. Thought provoking responses that will either confuse you or stimulate your brain. Whatever happens we hope you get lost in awe.

What is behind the band's name?

Lucas: What happens when you perceive too much of the other side of the data sweep, the math of where we, as sentient creatures, realize the limits of our influence in the universe?

What inspires you to make music, and what keeps you guys creative?

Lucas: Ours is the fate of the intersection in space/time that has realized itself.

On a rainy day vs a sunny day; how would you spend that day?

(random off base question, you do not need to answer this)

Lucas: It is the crossroads where the matter and forces of the universe bubble into something that not only recognizes itself, but maybe has the potential to build something immortal.

Tell us about your stories and wine reviews Lucas? What is the secret to being talented, intelligent and inappropriate? Fans want to know.

Lucas: And that’s just it; do the immortal projects of our species, these intellectual pillars, our ideas, the abstracts that we digest and wrestle with every day, do these immortal pillars actually punch through our mathematical sphere of influence? Might they in the future, with the right tools? Are these tools even possible to develop?

Photo by Christina C.

Who writes the music and the lyrics? Does Lucas, or is it a team effort?

Lucas: The natural byproduct of that line of inquiry, or perhaps the final question in the series, is really, can our species develop any product, whatsoever, that could survive the eventual cold death of the universe? Will any of our immortal pillars still stand?

What do each of you feel "The Deadfly Ensemble" genre is or would be? Some say you made up your own genre. In fact a fan in Sweden said it was called "Lantherian" haha

Lucas: When we mythologize good and evil, we ignore the truth of the typical battle between these elements; it is a chemical battle of the moment, and it happens all day every day for every one of us.

Photo by Alejandro Restrepo

Can you please tell us the meaning behind "An entre wardrobe of doubt and uncertainty?" Like the album is a masterpiece! Please enlighten and humor us and tell us every single detail! (You do not have to tell us details, but it would be a fun way to show your fans details.)

Lucas: The stream of chemicals, the tumble of earthly matter through time is an unstoppable tumult, and our questions of morality are an attempt to aggrandize the scale of that tumult.

Who influences each one of you? What moves you?

Lucas: If we weigh our moments as they tick away, and ensure that we have secured those minutes and hours with bravery, is that enough to light a fire in a cold, dead universe at the end of time?

What is band practice like for you guys?

Lucas: Is it disappointing to consider that every war, every discovery, every human tragedy and triumph, is like a chemical shrug of the planet? The chaos of the early solar system was like throwing all the pieces up in the air, and humans are a little byproduct of a lucky collection of matter and a dramatic series of cataclysms.

If you could offer advice to newer bands, and forming bands what would it be?

Lucas: I think that if there was one commandment, for every human, it would be to conduct the matter at hand without fear, even when the screaming mass of demons snarls before you, but ESPECIALLY in the lonely quiet, when they are the internal struggles of moments.

Anything you would like to leave us with?

Lucas: Would you secure peril for yourself to avoid passing it on to another? Does the selfless, sacrificial rift tear the math of space time and reach beyond? Or is it forever stuck down here with us, in the primordial murder mud? Be a good scout and maybe there’s an intersection in the math out there that will keep away the cold

Photo by Chris Park (Took photos of Lucas for Goth Haus La)

Enjoy this video we recorded of Lucas at the iconic goth club Release The Bats

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