In Memory of Olli Wisdom

Cover Photo by: Mick Mercer

This is a hard article to write, and the purpose of it is to be how we normally write these type of articles -- which is to have them authentic and personal. Aside from loving his music and the Batcave. I go by BatzCave as a play on the Batcave and my old derby name Batz. I wanted to use this name on social media and also have a club that was every 3-4 months with the name Batzcave. Although, not identical yet close enough; I asked Olli, Jon Klein and Kimba Anderson for permission to use this name. They all said yes with my intent of keeping it as is - Olli was very kind and thought it to be a fun new adventure to keep alive, and he appreciated that I asked him for permission. He was always nice to me, and all the stuff he has done over the years, he was always full of positive energy just spreading that Olli magic onto others. - Batz

"Think Differently, Do Differently"

Olli said this sometime in 1983 in an interview - and this is exactly what he did. His way of doing and thinking was his way of life. He brought so many people together, and helped other bands, friends, and strangers. The beauty of poison was a gift to everyone in Olli's life.

Many know him for starting the Batcave club in England on Dean st, or his legendary band Specimen, or the punk band before he started it all The Unwanted, or his psychedelic Trance band Space Tribe. He was involved in so much and really brought love, fun and community in these scenes. Olli was a father, a brother, a son, an artist, a creator, a friend, a band mate, and so much more. August 23rd 2021, is the day everyone on social media found out of his passing and there was an immense outpour of love, many are heartbroken, feeling gutted, and are in shock of his passing. From the goth scene, to the psychedelic trance scene, to old friends, family, and fans -- this has affected many people all around the Globe. We are sending all of our love and good vibes to Gzi his daughter, his brother Miki, all his family, his friends, past and current bandmates, his fans, and basically his tribe -- that's all of us we are his tribe. We know this is hard on so many of you, and we want ya'll to know you are not alone, also Olli left this world loved by so many. Love is a special gift that he spread without trying, so keep on sharing love, community, unity, and happiness in his honor.

Loved always, and you are with us, you left multiple legacies that will live on and thrive, Rest in Peace Olli. The sun went down, but it comes up tomorrow -- so stay shining and glamorous.

Photo by: Mick Mercer

Photo take by:Richärd Liam King. Olli in Long Beach at Fenders Ballroom sometime around 1986.

Safe travels to your new psychedelic space Olli you will never be forgotten - Goth Haus LA Staff

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