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In Honor Of Davey Bales: A Flower Floating in The River

A message from Goth Haus LA staff - Running into the first day of February and the news of Davey Bales passing has affected several communities and people in many different ways. He has journeyed away too soon. This is a very complex day full of emotions. The team at Goth Haus LA has worked with him several times, to publishing his poetry, and releasing announcements of his work and music (Way back when we were on Almost all of us have talked with him and helped him at some point at GHLA -- and we are shocked and in disbelief that he is gone. His music from "The Lost Tribe", "Shadow Age", "The Wraith" was music we know many could identify with. Rest In Peace - Homosapien Guy

Morticia/Batz: I don't even know where to start. I was just talking to Davey, and now I will never get another message from him. He was working in the studio a lot, and getting tattoos and was super excited about being contacted to play Punk Rock Bowling and opening for one of the four possible bands he was told that The Wraith might open for. Davey was always working hard at improving his life, and he always tried to keep a positive mind. I always enjoyed our talks, reading over his "not ready yet" poetry -- even sometimes I showed him my poetry. I always made sure to check in on him, and we always swapped life updates. He was a really good writer... "was" I can not believe I am saying that...this really sucks. Whenever we lose someone in our music scene it hits the community in multiple ways. This is just so weird, and hard to believe that he is gone.. just like that... it just does not feel fair. I have part of an interview I did with Davey a while back along with my sister and fellow GHLA staff member Satcha Greene. There are missing parts of this interview, but we hope one day to recover it in it's entirety so we can share it with you. But I will be sharing the part I do have here. As well as this video Davey sent me in 2020 -- it is one of his spoken word/poems entitled "Turquoise Sky." I think he shared it somewhere online, but I thought to share it here just because why not.

I wanted to do something different....I mentioned above that I have some "not ready yet" poems by Davey. I will not be ever publishing or sharing those with anyone out of respect to Davey. However as I myself am a writer/poet...I have decided to write a poem directly influenced in connection to one of his unpublished ones.

"Your graze thrills me"

Let go of my day, your graze thrills me, I found a skill to change in our world, feeling trapped in the floorboards shrieking, the earth is moving under me, blaring she is, walking I am. Free of your smell, let go of my day, your graze thrills me, The ground is raining, roots are sprouting, alone in the root, famished for growth, but rotten hearts can't tell this fairy tale.

Part of the Interview we did. We hope to get the rest of what is missing together. This interview is raw and unedited.

By Morticia and Satcha ( This interview piece will be uploaded to our Youtube for viewing sharing)

"Turquoise Sky" by Davey Bales

Goth Haus LA staff: We send all of our love and vibes to Davey's family, friends, and fans. We know this is very sudden, and hard to understand. Just know we are all here for you if you need to talk. Lastly we had a few people who wanted to leave a comment here. From Juan Black "Davey was an amazing front man, a talented writer and the few times I got to talk to him, a really awesome guy. R.I.P Brother." From Dia Dia "I was introduced to Davey via an interview, he revived my love for deathrock..very passionate person and master of his craft."

From a person who wanted to remain anonymous " Davey was a deep person, focused on bettering his life any we he could. He fought for every band he was ever in, promoted his art and music, and did everything he could to help his bands and projects get seen by the world. He was a force in this world and will be missed. Thank you for your friendship, and your love."

Check out his music

Lost tribe

The Wraith

Journey well...

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