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Goth Haus LA brings back Bat-Haus-Tober: Giveaways all month long

That's right we brought it back! We are using the original flyer cause why not! We have a lot of goodies this year! Keep watching all our social media with opportunities to win free shit!

Y'all know we already spoil y'all with giveaways often, but Bat-Haus-Tober is special cause we hash out giveaways so rapidly it's spammy! So get that spam from us!

Current active giveaways !

Memento Mori LA has joined us again for Bat-Haus-Tober and this time they are offering a $100 gift certificate to their store! Winners are announced on Halloween night! So you can still enter!

Release the Bats just celebrated 25 years! In honor of their anniversary we have a special giveaway in honor of them! You can enter now! Ends on the 4th Friday of the month, in tradition of the RTB away.

We have a Club Hemlock "A night of Deathrock" book giveaway by Javi Nunez! We are really excited about this and you can enter until Hallows Eve!

We just released this UK Decay giveaway! You can enter this till 10/25

We have a Cd from Head Cut that you can enter till 10/25

Here is what we have given away so far!

We have more giveaways coming, so keep watching our social media for more.

Look for our giveaways here!

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