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Deathrocks not Reviving VII: Tears For the Dying

We are back with another Deathrocks Not Reviving with one of our favorite bands! Adria is so fucking amazing and we love her so much! We at Goth Haus LA are so honored to be able to publish this! Now we know, what we say every time is repetitive but that's because it is pretty much straightforward, and nothing changes!

We know these are repetitive, but we really have nothing new to say about this. It is what it is, and one of the biggest reasons this is a segment is to help bands.We are smaller, and more DIY - but one thing we can offer you is facts, truth and we promise to not mislead you. Lastly, Deathrock is NOT having a revival, it survives and thrives. The issue is that many Deathrock bands around the world are hard to find because they do not have a massive amount of followers, and some do not even have social media. It may be hard to find, but if you look for it you will find it. As someone once said "We are the underground, of the underground." We are starting this segment knowing we may get shit for this, and we frankly don't give a fuck. We will not break our promise to our followers that we will set out to expose these bands. Each segment will cover a Deathrock band. We are trying to help the bands and the people by doing this -- it is the only way we know how to. We have no malicious intentions, just want to share these things.

Fun Fact: If a band has members that might dress like a deathrocker, that does not mean their music is deathrock. Just like if a band doesn't dress like a deathrocker, that does not mean their music is not deathrock.

Tears for the Dying wants ya'll to know: We've been pretty busy over the past six months writing and recording tracks for our next full length album, which will be released on vinyl (a first for us). Mycke Pain joined us on drums in spring 2022 (our first live drummer since 2005) and Joshua Broughton (guitar/bass) started working with us in fall 2021. Earlier this year, Rocky Road Touring company added us to their roster and we are presently planning a few dates on the West Coast later this year. We hope to see you all later this year or early next!

Check out these two videos!

GHLA Staff Comment: Tears for the Dying makes me feel seen and some of my friends feel seen too. Their music means so much to me. Also, shout out to Adria for sharing herself for Mentella the mental health festival we did with Golden West College it really meant the world to us! Trans representation is so important. Thank you Adria for continuing to make music! - Thing #2

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