Band Interview: Tearful Moon (Republished)

(Original interview in April 2018. Everything is published in its original form)

Is there a meaning behind the bands name Tearful moon? Not really. But you could say the concept of the name came from celebrating beauty even in its melancholy with a connection to the moon. What type of music genre would you say Tearful moon is? We are content with darkwave. You guys are a two piece band. Do you have any advice for sprouting two piece bands? Well, not really. Just that being a two piece makes everything easier so continue to make it work.

What are band practices like? Do you have a set time each week? Well they are in our house, so they are great haha. We don't have a set schedule, but just practice a lot when we need to prepare for a show or tour. We may even practice on a daily basis within a week or two before a performance. What has been your biggest challenge as a band? Probably just managing work life and music life. We wish we could do this full time, but we have bills to pay, and unfortunately the music doesn't cover paying rent just yet. If you guys could play at any venue anywhere, where would it be? We really want to play Death Disco in Athens, Greece. Morticia: Ooh, that sounds really cool. Just playing in Greece period, it's a beautiful place Who writes most of the songs? Sky writes all the lyrics. Manuel writes all the music. Morticia: Hey Sky, I'm gonna shoot you some questions!

Tell us about your spiritual beliefs? Well, it's a long story as far as spirituality for me. As long as I can remember, as a child, I've always believed in " God", a heaven and hell. I was a Christian for many years and somewhat religious, but something didn't sit well with Jesus being the only way, or good people going to hell for something so silly or trivial. I believe there are many pathways to the divine, and we probably have several deities or ascended masters in the spirit realm. I do believe in an afterlife, and I do believe in good and bad as everything in life needs balance. But I really do not know the answers beyond that, beyond the veil.

I believe that music is therapy and healing for all types of issues in life even mental and medical ones. You spoke about you being clinically depressed, and that you don't take medication but that music is your therapy. Would you mind talking about this? And do you have any advice to our users? Well, whenever I am performing it feels like a cleansing for me, and also sharing myself to others. I love this " ritual". It's like something I have to do, and it's medicine for me. It's actually been a savior for me during these several months. I don't like to give advice. I will say I think we should do what makes us happy and stop living a pretentious life that was built on trying to please others. Life is too short. You collect antiques, porcelain dolls, and catholic relics/aesthetics? How long have you been doing this? Also I hear you have pets! Tell us about them! I have been a collector since I was about 10 years old. I actually still have things from that age. We have the cutest little dog named Neona, and a handsome black cat named Davido. I miss them so much right now since we've been on tour.

You had an interview in 2015 with one of my friends "Dj Hex" (@DjHex). Has anything changed since then? And to Sky- Are you still doing spoken word? Yeah, a lot has changed since that interview. We might've performed live just once during that two albums have been released since then, and here we are on tour. Sky: I have not done any spoken word in awhile, but I would love to some time soon. Do you have a Motto for the band? Or a superstition? No, no motto. Superstition? We believe in karma in regards to our band. So we try to sow good seeds. Your music video "Anxiety" is pretty great. Is there a backstory to this song?A handful of fans want to know as it resonates with them. Anxiety was originally a short love poem I wrote over 10 years ago. It was inspired by that love addiction feeling of not knowing where your lover is, and not feeling loved back. Morticia: Ah, thanks for explaining that to us. Below you can see their video "Anxiety"

Manuel, hey I have a few questions for you

Since being in the U.S what is it like with the music scenes in Mexico to being in Texas? Is it very different? Any similarities?

In Mexico, there's a lot people, and the scene is really big, always a lot of shows happening, and in Texas, we don't have many shows, and the ones we do, the turn out isn't always the best.

You also have a solo side protect called Dark figure? Tell us about that?

I haven't been working much on it, but it's me singing vocals and playing guitar, like a post punk project.

You play synths, guitar and bass; any other instruments you can play? And what was the first instrument you learned to play? Do you have a favorite instrument?

Bass, guitar and keyboards are pretty much what I play, but I certainly want to learn how to play more instruments. My favorite is a hammered dulcimer but I haven't learn to play it yet. We talk about getting one.

Are you guys working on anything new?

We are working on new songs, and even have three that we are performing while on tour.

When is your next gig? Are you guys planning a tour?

We are on tour now. Our last show was in Phoenix, AZ

A lot of fans love your style, from clothes, accessories down to your makeup and hair. What inspires your style?

Sky: Oh! Certainly.

And sure answer to question is: I suppose I'm inspired by the 1920s and by Egyptian goddesses

Do you have any favorite actress's/singers from the 1920s?

Gloria Swanson

Any last words? Or quotes you'd like to leave us with?

Just a thanks to everyone who's made our journey special.

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