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Detra on the right in photo above

Interview by Morticia As promised we are republishing all intreviews due to VampireFreaks.com’s social network shut down. This was done January 28th, 2018.

Is there a meaning behind your Dj name?

No real deep meaning. The name was originally from a comic book I was writing around 2000, when I began guest Djing on Wednesdays nights at club Sin 13 I was asked to come up with a DJ name and I thought DJ Detra sounded cool. Pretty soon everyone just started calling me Detra and the name just stuck.

What kind of music do you spin?

My speciality is Goth Rock, Darkwave, and Post Punk, but I first started off as an EBM/Industrial DJ because that was what was popular at the time. Slowly after I became a residential DJ for Atomix I tried to shepherd the crowd into classic Goth Rock and Darkwave and the crowds really loved it. I am just such a huge fan of music in general but the music I love best is anything really dark and moody.

Has anyone ever come up to you asking you to play a song, and thrown up on you or near you? This is my favorite question to ask, for selfish reasons.

No, but I have had people request a band that I was already currently playing as they were asking me. Happened just last night actually. “Can you play Thrill Kill Kult?” as 'Cuz It's Hot' is playing.

So we know you DJ, but you're also like a fantastic artist we hear? Tell us a little bit about that?

Before music, art and illustration was my first love and these days nothing makes me more at peace than working on a painting, oil and acrylic. I mostly do it as a hobby but I love painting portraits of Goths and people with beautiful style and poise as well as beautiful cemetery landscapes. Sometimes I'll vend my art at places I spin music.

Morticia: Can you share some of your art with us?

Here is Detras rad art. So much wow! You are very talented. If interested in purchasing art you can contact him on Instagram.

When are your next Dj gigs?

Feb. 2nd I'll be Djing and vending the Thorn And Moon Occult Market in Houston TX. Then on Feb. 17th I'll be Djing Austin's annual Dressed to the Nines Gothic Ball. Also, Every 2nd Saturday I spin 1313 with Dj Ely Bat and sometimes I guest DJ for CoVeN every 4th Saturday. (Staff Edit - This was in 2018 and has been left here for original interview purposes)

People want to know; what do you love about djing?

Do people really want to know? Haha! No, I mean, I really think that the best thing about Djing is introducing new music to people, and keeping that dance floor full. I also love being on a roll and getting no requests and when I ask them they just say “I love everything your playing, just keep spinning these great tunes!” That's a huge compliment to me. I love connecting with the crowd, and finding common ground with music we all love.

Do you have superhuman Dj skills? Or did you make a deal with a wizard?

I don't think it's superhuman, I just have great taste! It wasn't so much of a deal as it was just me putting him in a headlock and demanding he teach me how to press the play button.

Morticia: I knew it, its always a wizard! Haha

Last question; we'll sort of. Leave us with a quote:

Do not fear the void, do not fear the blackness...Singularity is at hand. Find beauty in the natural, unnatural and supernatural.

You can find DJ Detra Munster on instagram here: https://instagram.com/djdetra?igshid=blmfte41c77t


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