10 Elitist type goth things about me?

Me and my hubby. (Backround to inside joke. Once upon a time the internet was commenting/complimenting Steve Skeletal and I on being married/perfect couple. Since then we roll with it. But we arent married and not a couple. Just love each other that’s all!)

Nobody has done this at least I don’t think so. I have come to realize no one wants to admit being elitist. Being elitist is an issue. I don’t consider myself elitist. But I can admit that I have had my moments. These are my admissions of things I have thought or said in the past. I’m brutally honest. Let my truth come out. (Attention: This is a republished post that I was asked to make available to those who want to laugh!)

1. I have supahh gofff elitist moments all the time and I’m not even aware of it. (So, I’ve been told)

2. I do not like Valor’s “Christian death” and I will correct you if you use the wrong font for Valor or Rozz... don’t confuse their fonts. :lol (super petty)

3. I like bats and coffins. And I don’t understand why these are related to the goth subculture

4. I laugh in my head if you think Marilyn Manson is goth, or if you think goth is a mindset... GOTH is a music subculture, not a mind set. Stop saying that.

5. I do not consider industrial after 1992,to have a place under the goth umbrella. I am talking about the music. Sorry guys.

6: I refuse to call “cyber goths” goths. No offense...

7. I laugh about all the random styles using the word “goth.” Example: Wtf is grunge goth though? Seriously :lol

8. Most YouTube “goths” do not go out, and live behind the camera. Do they know this is a music based culture? Go support bands and events. If you can’t go to events and want to be online, go support bands! Stop unboxing, hauls and so many makeup tutorials. This has nothing to do with the subculture.

9. There are a lot NEWER biased webzines and most of them just support old bands. Then complain about the subculture not having support when they are part of the problem. Support all the bands not just the well known ones.

10. I used to get irritated when I saw hipsters outnumbering goths at post punk shows. I now appreciate and think it’s rad that some of these new post punk bands have variety when it comes to their fans. It’s really cool to see the music I love reaching out of the Small goff community. It’s so beautiful!

Would you like to try 10 elitist goff things about you? Send us an email and we will publish yours!

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