VFLA Staff Interviews - Volume I: Meet Three Of Our Staff Members

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Hey so we decided we would interview some staff and let you get to know each of us a little more personally. Some staff do not want their photos shared at this moment and some do not want to be interviewed right now. Many people do not know who is who! So we hope this helps. Volume II will come out as soon as we can get it out. For now get to know three of our staff members.

Interview I

The following is from a staff member who only manages our instagram, twitter, and email. You might know them by their staff tag "Nobody #8"

Why did you decide to join VFLA as staff? 

At first because I wanted to meet friends, and I also wanted to learn more about real goth music. Seeing how much everyone worked and got a long made me want to do more. I will talk more about my positions when it comes to the third question. In all honest working with Batz has really been amazing. She is so kind, and really loves music and people. She does so much for everyone and expects nothing in return. She doesn't consider herself a boss and neither does Roro or Michael Ray De Los Angeles -- but imagine being part of a team with leaders that are just all around humble, real and not narcissistic or egotistic? That is rare. Between Batz and Michael Ray they both know and are friends with legendary musicians, skaters, writers and producers and they have been real through it all. VFLA is close to my heart because it is a rare group of people who have similar goals. Some are very similar and vastly different but we are a family.

What’s a memory from an event or something you did with VFLA that would be fun to share?

There are so many dang memories! But, I think a fun memory was sponsoring the fetish ball for vampirefreaks in Los Angeles. It was a great night, and Scarlet and Sin were really great to us all.I liked getting out of my normal element, and meeting people that frequent the industrial cyber scene haha. We usually keep it trad goth with events but Batz really liked helping them with their event because they are humble, loving and all around good people. She will work with anyone who is humble and genuine even if the music is not her taste. Want business with us? Here is a pro-tip don't be a dick! haha

How long have you been on staff?

 I have been with Vampirefreaks Los Angeles since 2014 I believe. I started out as promoter, the boss's would mail me flyers and stickers for Vampirefreaks along with flyers for an event (whatever event they were sponsoring or the club that Batz had with Jermus Corpus which was pure deathrock). I would then take these flyers and leave them at record stores in my area, or any stores honestly. On weekends I would get free entrance to events that they wanted me to be at, and there I would promote other events and the site. It was fun. I did that till march 2017. Then, I was allowed to become a social media admin. So I manage the instagram, twitter, youtube and our email now.

What are your favorite bands?

This is the hardest question probably for all staff to answer lol. I will just name 5 bands that come to mind, not in order and they are not by any means full on favorites. Scarlets remains, Fur Bible, Christian death (Rozz only), The Fear Cult and The Killing Joke.

What do you want our followers to know?

Thank you for supporting Vampirefreaks Los Angeles throughout the years. Like the boss lady says your support helps us support the bands and all the other things we promote.

Do you stand for a particular cause? Also, share a quote.

Yeah I stand for the same stuff Batz and Michael Ray do. All the human rights, animal rights and environmental rights.

Here is a quote "I may not believe in myself, but I believe in what I'm doing." - Jimmy Page

Sorry guys I am not sharing a photo of myself! I like to remain a mystery, but if you go out you might find me at a goth club.

Interview II

The following is with one of our newest VFLA staff members. We do not add many new people to our team, she is special! We only extend staff positions to staff that want to come back. Freda is cool people and we love her. She has been with us for around 2ish years.

Why did you decide to join VFLA as staff? 

I decided to join VFLA because I noticed VF had a lack of representation towards black and poc goth and Deathrock community so I wanted to help bring more diversity and help bands that are minorities network 

What’s a memory from an event or something you did with VFLA that would be fun to share? 

my favorite memory was when myself Batz and our Dj pals hung out at release the bats when all gone dead performed , it’s a never a dull moment at RTB 

How long have you been on staff?

2 +years 

What are your favorite bands?

The dirty horror, 45 Grave, Lycia, Kommunity FK, Nervous Gender, L7, Cinema Stange, and so much more.


What do you want our followers to know?

i have a lot of cool projects coming up , a brand new band coming  and I will be  on YouTube reviewing and sharing lesser known bands , I am a huge supporter of independent artists , and overall Los Angeles has a huge music scene to offer check it out ! 

Interview III

The following interview is with staff member Astute Decay who mainly does all IRL VFLA stuff. He has made donations for VFLA giveaways, and even filmed some interviews like Rubella Ballet, Soft Kill, pro skater Greyson Fletcher, and some parts for other interviews like Orgy, and The Wraith.

Why did you decide to join VFLA as staff? 

I decided to join VFLA because I wanted to interact with people who were into the same type of music I listened to that none of my friends truly appreciated at the time, which includes sub-genres like Goth-Rock, death-rock, coldwave, and darkwave. As staff I wanted to do what I can to spread music diversity which is something I didn't have encouraged growing up, I'm stubborn though.

What’s a memory from an event or something you did with VFLA that would be fun to share? 

One of my favorite memories was going to club Sanctum Sanctorum which was co-owned by Boss lady #1 aka Morticia Batz. And what I loved most about these meet ups was going to Norms diner afterwards with our peoples and chilling.

How long have you been on staff? 

I believe (I may be wrong) I've been on staff since 2012. 

What are your favorite bands?

Big Electric Cat, GG Allin and The Murderjunkies, Lebanon Hanover, The Stooges, The Virgin Prunes, Christian Death (Rozz Williams ONLY, Valor is trash). 

What do you want our followers to know? Or pick a quote?

 "We are like roses that have never bothered to bloom when we should have bloomed and it is as if the sun has become disgusted with waiting" -Charles Bukowski (Author, Poet)

Do you stand for a particular cause? 

Yeah kinda, I'm a strong supporter of authentic artists who are doing what they love and not for profit (following trends).

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