The Dirty Horror Cd Release goes on sale June 8th! Better get that shit!

Who are they? Why should I? They are loved and these cds will sell out soon! They also have some shirts available if you missed our giveaways on social media for Vampirefreaks Los angeles and Vampirefreaks!

The dirty horror is a special band.

The drummer Tony Havoc was in the fear cult, scarlets remains, flesh and the devil and readership hostile. Every time he forms a band he brings something brilliant. Each member unique and talented! Fun fact the singer had zero experience in a band or even singing and was a model beforehand. She has stolen hearts and broken dreams in the most magnificent and magical way! So go listen to dark punk/deathrock/death punk we love them!

And of course when the physical album comes out June 8th - you all will have a chance to win their album! So keep your eyes out for that! For now check them out here:

The new album can be heard here! And we highly suggest and recommend listening to it!:

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