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Teaser Preview of - Social Justice Needs A Push In The United States

Do African Americans have equality today? According to Oxford English Dictionary equality means “The state of being equal, especially in status, rights, or opportunities” And, inequality is - difference in size, degree, circumstances ect...(Oxnard English dictionary) In the 1440’s Africans were shipped all around the world to be slaves. The concept of racism was not existent till the 18th century. Following the 18th century- the next two hundred years racial discrimination and inequality continued toward African Americans. Black men and women still are not seen as equals today. Some things have gotten better, although it seems society is not there yet. Ida B.Wells was one of the earliest leaders for civil rights, a teacher, sociologist, and an investigative journalist. Well’s once wrote- The white man’s victory soon became complete by fraud, violence, intimidation and murder(Wells, The red record ). Through the course of years white men have been known to manipulate races against each other. Even race against race. Today it seems African Americans face silent discrimination and inequality, online race wars, racial profiling (not just by authorities), institutional discrimination, ethnocentrism, and color-blind racism to name a few. It is still present, many people say that it has gotten better or things are getting better. Centuries of racism and inequality “is getting better, or improving” is not good enough!  Many people do not want to admit or face the fact that inequality is a problem. In the 1960’s they told people to “wait”, over fifty years later the best thing people have come up with is “things are better/getting better” - this is another way of telling African American’s to wait with a caked sentence. “Despite numerous outrageous actions to achieve black civil rights. Black and white citizens are still separate, still unequal” (Shaefer 249, Sociology)

- This is a teaser, this essay will come out sometime in May. Keep your eyes peeled for our People of Color in the goth scene article coming out this month!

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