Skate Interview: Greyson Fletcher (Republished)

(This interview was originally published August 11th 2019)

Interview by Morticia, and videography by Astute Decay

I got to interview one of my favorite skaters at US Open of Surfing in 2019. It was fun! We talked about his family's art, skateboarding, music, and much more. The Fletcher fam is pretty legendary! He is the grandson of Legend Herbie Fletcher/and Dibi Fletcher, son of Christian Fletcher, and nephew of Nathan Fletcher. Skateboarding and surfing is courses through his blood. Just as much as much as his being kind, humble, genuine and an actual human being. One of the chillest dudes I know. Check out this fun interview!

Here is a little bit of Curren Caples vs Greyson Fletcher. This is a skate video from a few years back but its so fun to watch. They do talk about surfing here! (as we briefly brought this up in the interview about how Curren is a better surfer haha. They are both skaters that surf as it should be)

Here are some photos to enjoy. Some photos by Herbie Fletcher and Mark Oblow

Fletcher fam!!!!!!!!!! Astrodeck rules

Links to Greyson Fletcher



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