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Interview: Skateboarder Clement Zannini!

Clement Zannini from France is the first skateboarding interview on Vampirefreaks, and I chose him to be the first because he's an amazing skater and he is one of the most influential and hard working skaters around. Enjoy.

When did you decide to start skateboarding?

I do not think I made this decision one day, she rather took me as we fell in love.

What made you want to start skating?

People around me, I had two or three friends who skated and made me want to do it, they all stopped and no matter what level they reached, they inspired me forever.

Who were your favorite skaters then vs now?

At first my favorite was Rodney Mullen but it's been a long time since it's now Nyjah Huston.

Morticia: Man, Rodney Mullen is so rad. He invented most of the tricks used in skateboarding today.

Skateboarding is not just skateboarding it's a community. What's your skateboarding community like?

It's Me, myself and I.. I skate mostly alone because there is no one else who skates here. 

It's really fun to skate with your friends or even meet people during a session but it's only an Do

Do you remember your first set up?

Yes, and I really did not start with a good set-up, it must have been a full decathlon board.

What are your favorite boards to ride now?

For the board I do not care more or less. If I had given a single board brand, I would say Real because I was never disappointed with their boards. 

Otherwise I skate different set-up according to what I want to do with different sizes of boards and wheels but especially hardness for the wheels.

What are your favorite skate spots?

(Question asked by staff member: Michael Ray)

Those near me, I do not really want to travel anymore. It's too risky for me, I went skate in Paris for a week once and I broke my prosthesis the same day.

Some skaters have goals, and some don't. Do you have a goal for skateboarding?

No, I have no goal for skateboarding, I mean it's not mine, I've discovered it and we've both evolved as an entity but it's free to evolve as he wishes and I am far from having the power to influence this direction.

I already have a lot to define, I think it is not done to enter a single box as a sport or art, it is so much more for me.

You have a birth defect, can you tell us about it?

Yes to my right leg, it's painful. You never really know how to deal with it so you have to constantly readjust what you can. It can be good but it never lasts long. 

By far you are one of the most determined skateboarders I know. You never give up, you make sacrifices just to skate for two hours right? Tell us about that?

Health is precious but it is especially quantifiable and if there had been a life bar in tony hawk's video games I could have better understood in real life hahaha..

It's always very boring to have to make sacrifices for what you love, but life is full of compromise. I am rather positive on this point, I do what I can with what I have, that's all.

You inspire so many people, and you also help people see that you can enjoy life no matter what. These are things I see, your fans see, and even little kids see! If you could tell your fans anything, what would you say to them?

I don't know, I'm not even sure I got fans ahah I want to thank everyone who once watched me do what I love and who supported me in any way.

Morticia: You are so modest, you are a huge inspiration! Here you can see Clement push his limits like no other:pointdown

Growing up, how did your parents feel about your skateboarding? I know they support you with it, have they always?

Let's say they pretty much don't care about skateboarding. They care about me as parents are supposed to love their children unconditionally.

They wanted me to be happy so I did what I liked. I had very good years of skateboarding without having to worry about anything else.

Not having to walk allowed me to skate as I do so they really made me become what I am. Thanks to them. I love them forever!

Do you have anything you are passionate about outside of skateboarding? Tell us about it.

 If it's not skateboarding I would not go so far as to talk about passion. I like a lot of things like video games and eat a lot of sandwiches

Do you have any pets?

No, I do not have pets

Any last words you'd like to leave us with?

Thanks to you for the interview and to those who will read it.

Originally we published this interview on - but we decided to also post ot here!

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