In memory of Katz

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Our scene has lost someone... we are devastated in the California Deathrock scene. Katz was a friend to many, a funny and sweet soul. We don’t understand why the world decided to take him away from us but we will keep him with us forever. This dude has recorded history and told stories with his photography. Rest In Peace Katz. (official statement from Goth Haus LA staff)/

We would like to add that Katz was loved all over the globe, and he had friends near and far. He was special to the music scene, and no not just CADR. Underground music and more! He left a legacy of photos and memories. I was encouraged to write this "In Memory" article for him. He more than deserves this. This article is full of words from friends and bands. Please know that this article will be updated with more words in honor of Katz, some people are still working on words, and others are not ready. Alas this is for Katz. Please also donate and share this gofundme for Katz's memorial and other things that his brother Don needs to take care of. Normally we would all have a benefit in his honor, and that may happen later.

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Words from friends in honor of Katz.

"I think Katz was just as blown away by his death as we are! I also feel like he's still here, just on the other side of life. He's close by." -Gitane Demone

“Katz will be missed. In the 40+ years that I have known him, I don't think there was a show or event that he wasn't at. He was a journalist, writing for Flipside magazine with his experience, photography, covering the early shows of a multitude of bands, and an archivist, his knowledge of the underground scenes that revolved around Punk, Deathrock and Goth. Katz was a friend. Our community has been hit with his passing. It will feel strange to go out when the pandemic is over and not seeing him present. Safe travel, Katz, wherever you are.” - Mary/Dinah Cancer

"Ahhh yeah I remember back in 1982....."

The joyful and boisterous voice of Gorg Katz was heard and revered by many of us here in Los Angeles, or online throughout the web.

He lived music, it ran through his veins like blood. He was a true OG. He documented not only the early LA scene, but the underground scene through his words and photography with Flipside but also with his presence. The man was everywhere at so many underground sub-culture events it would make your head spin. I remember back in the original Ghoul School days, he would always come each time with a gift of some vinyl that he knew I would love and needed to have. 100 flowers, Corpus Delicti, Sin 34, Various Mystic Records Comps, etc... and even some of his own music. We would spend hours talking about old gigs or obscure releases. Then we would end up at Oki-Dog and I would regret my food selections later that He always had a handshake, a hug and a kind word. He was a gentle giant with a hidden strength. I remember when I'd be in a Dj booth and you would know when Katz would show up because his voice would boom over the music and I'd always.. Yell, "What's up Katz?!" He'd answer with a hello and then I'd turn the music up. lol Then he'd come up with a gift of some photos from a show or a gig that I had played in an envelope. and with a smile and laugh would say I think you'll like these....If he wasn't at a punk. metal, goth/ deathrock event. I'd see him in the Noise room at Das Bunker dancing with Marisa Garcia. He was always so kind to Jeska and a couple of months after this pandemic had started, He stopped by to visit and grab some extra chili that he wanted to doctor up with some of his own recipes, and once again had some surprises for us. I hold the highest regards for this man.He was like a set of Britannica Encyclopedias. And I for one, amongst many here, have learned and enjoyed so much from him. And although for the life of me, cannot seem to locate a photo of us together, he has captured me not only in photos but as a friend as well.

You will be greatly missed my friend.

You are a legend.

I love ya man

Rest In Power Katz” - Shane Talada (Dj Dingbat)

Katz was always supporting and creative . He was working on my book with me adding Pictures from when we first met from New Wave Theater all the way up to the Punk Museum Art show at KGB. I have known him for 40 years. I am Godsmacked - Tequila Mockingbird

“Rest In Peace Gorg Katz 🌹🖤

Thank you for always being so good to us and a huge part of the Los Angeles music scene as a local legend,music lover,photographer and documentarian. Like everyone says Katz was a literal walking Music Encyclopedia. Always so genuine and good to us.Bringing us gifts to shows and clubs, or surprising us with super cool rare,old music memorabilia,tracks,photographs and always supporting all Shanes musical endeavors through all the years.Such a dedicated brilliant historian and music documentarian.Los Angeles owes you a lot of love and respect for all you have done in the music scene.We appreciate you and your love for all things cool! Katz thank you for all the hangs and stories of your wild LA adventures with the best of the best.Wish we could of hung out and heard more of your stories or danced one more time under the the colored club lights..Your voice 🖤Gonna miss ya Katz. We love & appreciate you and all you have done for Los Angeles Punk rock,Goth,Deathrock and Industrial. Till we see you again in the big rock and roll after life on the other side friend. 🌹

You will be truly missed by many of us.

Love you Katz! 🎶” - Jeska Fay

“One of our own has moved on to the eternal belfry.

KATZ was at RtB from night one and was one of the most enthusiastic supporters the West Coast music scene we have ever known. Not only did he take incredible photos of bands, scenesters, friends, etc., (thousands at RtB alone!), his energy filled the room wherever he went.

If you knew him personally, you know that he was an intrical part of the Alternative music world for many many years. Long before RtB came into existence, long before most Goth clubs even existed. He was literally "there from the beginning".

It's hard to imagine that he won't be at shows and clubs later on when the world heals, but the pictures he took, the fliers and ephemera he collected, and his larger than life legacy will live on! He will be missed by so many its difficult to comprehend.

We at RtB will forever cherish our times with Katz. Thanks for being an influential part of our world and thank you for all you did, man.

RIP Katz” - Release the bats

" Our condolences his family & friends.Kommunity FK has known Gorg for many years as he was a fan & a good friend ov ours who shot icredible live photos ov us throughout these past 43 years ov our existence in the OG Deathrock scene. I hung out with him at our last performance at The Echo LA in October 2019. He would always send us every photo that he shot ov us to keep & to share with all ov you. We will never forget his smiling face & good vibes. His presence at our gigs, if we ever get to perform live ever again, will surely be missed. Blessed be, Gorg. ♡♤♡ - Patrik Mata

”Flipside alum and a vital part of LA’s live music scene, Gorg Katz has passed away in his sleep. Katz was a mainstay at shows and clubs all over town. He saw every show, he knew every record, he was a friend to everyone in the scene. He was always outspoken. His love for music resonated with everyone he met. His passing leaves a huge vacuum, and a sad silence that can never really be filled. You will be missed at every show. RIP Katz.” - Chris Moore "Katz everytime I think of you Is when you would talk to me about the early 80's punk and deathrock scene on how cool and brand new it was. And you giving your age away telling me " I've seen hippies with my very own two eyes" and the coolest thing knowing that you arrived to the club or show is hearing talk over the music lol!! Dammit Katz you will be missed in our scene until we meet again my elder punk/deathrock brother RIP” - Ralphie Nigma

“One thing I can say about Katz. Out of all the years, I knew him. He never complained about anything. Always seemed great full to be around people. I'd be at the bar then I'd hear a voice mumble in the distance hey Edward I took some cool pictures of you guy's I'll tag you lol. I'd turn around and give him a thumbs up! He always had a cool story to share. And he always had a camera on hand to capture more new tales to tell. The art he leaves behind, with his photos, music

Will assure he will never be forgotten! He will be deeply missed in the Los Angeles music scene♡” - Edward Transylvania

“Gorg, you will always be in our hearts and memories. We will miss you greatly. You have given us so much to learn. From the moment anyone of us entered the room, you would immediately make eye contact, smile, and wave. Your heart was pure. You have gifted us never ending knowledge in music, warm hugs, healing heart felt talks. You have shown us unconditional love and support. We will forever be grateful.

With a heavy heart, we now have to wave good bye to you for the last time. You will never be forgotten. We truly love you.” - Julie Dixon

”Gorg- So bummed. Gorg was a pal at first via Taquila Mockingbird, and then we hit it off ver well. I introduced him to Angie Bowie and they got along famously. He had a Warholian habit of just popping up, be it a Neutra Gallery art opening or an obscure band show at the Smell or Bootleg. Another wonderful, colorful (in black) Angeleno we will not soon forget.” - Roy Rogers Oldenkamp

“We are truly devastated to learn of the passing of Gorg Katz. A wonderful amazing talented soul. We met him at our gig in Los Angeles where he took some of the best live photos we've ever seen of the band. We still use many of them today.

RIP Gorg a one off special person. Our love and thoughts are will your family and friends. We will never be forgotten and you will live on in the many amazing photos you took xxxxxxx” - Screaming Dead

“Skeletal Family are shocked to hear the passing of Gorg Katz.

We had the pleasure of his company at least twice on the bands visits to USA.

A good man. RIP Gorg .....” - Skeletal Family

“Just absolutely gutted to read this today. Gorg Katz was one of the nicest guys you could meet a truly wonderful person. He took some of the best gig pictures I've ever seen of The Screaming Dead when we played in Los Angeles. We often use them. RIP Gorg our thoughts are truly with your family and friends 😥😥” - Don Diego

“Hey Katz, i wanted to take this time to let you know that i am glad we got to be bandmates. i will always cherish our time and friendship. for me the best show was at the poison apple. i believe you attached a cardboard tube to the mic. which made you vocals epic. i love you brother in grind! till we meet again in that big grindcore show in the sky! love marco.” Marco S.

“It’s because of Katz that I was able to discover a lot of my favorite music since I started my life out here. I remember when I first moved to Los Angeles several years ago I made friends with Katz through a couple friends we had in common. Most of the time we were meeting up and having a great time together in various venues or clubs and he would stop to catch up with me, talking about music. I remember hanging out with him at concerts too, he took some amazing photographs! Katz always recommended new bands I came to be inspired by and also gave me some priceless tidbits of inside knowledge that I would have never learned if not for him. Such a friendly guy! I don’t think I know anybody else outside of my bandmates who encouraged me to grow so much in that respect. I always looked forward to seeing him, It’s really not gonna be the same without him. I hope that we party again someday Katz, I’ll miss you in the meantime. Most importantly, I’m grateful that I was able to have such a friend.”

-Krystal Fantom

I am so sad. I’m angry. Katz you are so loved. I don’t understand the world right now. I will miss seeing you at shows. You smiling and capturing the world's moments. I know so many people are hurting right now. This was the last night I saw you. February 22nd, 2020. Thank you for always letting me use your photos for my band interviews when I needed something extra or special! Thank you for the talks we had. I remember when I started my “Deathrock is not reviving” segment and you and I spoke about how many people my articles will rile up and trigger. Ooh and I did trigger people as we predicted. One thing that I’ll always remember is when Katz said “If people want to figure me out I tell them to go through my pics folders. a little bit of me is in there...” Katz loved taking photos and he literally has photographed history! One thing I would like to add that he said when we talked about his photography at shows... he said “i always try to capture the energy... the spirit... i want to feel something coming from my pix.” -Morticia Graves (Aka Batz).

”This is a deeply sad day for me, for ego death and for the global underground movement. My long time friend, Katz (Katsuhiko Seki), sadly passed. I had the honor and the privilege to share 7 split releases w/Gorgonized Dorks spanning a period from 2006-2019, several compilations and some more co-operations. Above everything I had the honor and the privilege to share endless overnight chats (in addition to the letter exchange) with Katz: about music, the scene, the people, the physical and the metaphysical. He was a living encyclopaedia, I can tell! His knowledge was immeasurable and I learned many things from him!

The best thing I got to know was how deeply kind and really sensitive and thoughtful person he was! I called Katz a friend and a brother! Our final chats (less than a month ago) were about him writing down or narrating some of his stories for (an) article/s for the new zine I told him I planned. Katz was always excited with the underground and he was in! Katz served the u/g with his heart and soul!

There are zillions of stories to share, but no actual need at the moment. No words can express the sadness I feel for Katz loss right now. My sincere condolences and my thoughs go to his family/relatives, his close friends and beloved people, to Ben Agromosh/GxDx, to the Christian Death family and to pretty much the whole underground scene! I am leaving here the cover artwork of our 1st split w/ GxDx which dates back to 2006 and was a C1 cassette tape split in support of the real and mighty underground, the birthgiving place of everything important, the place Katz served well his whole lifetime!

R.I.P. brother!“ -Manos - Ego Death

“Gorg, I will miss being greeted with your amazing hugs and all the musical knowledge and memorabilia you shared with me. You will always live within all the photographs you have taken of us and all the pictures taken with you. You were an amazing and kind soul and your presence will always linger in the same spot at Boardners. We miss you buddy and can't wait until we all dance together again in that club in the afterlife.

Farewell and I'll see you on the otherside 🖤” - Kimberly Anna

“Katz didn't just take pictures, he captured some of the happiest moments of our lives with his camera💜” - Crystal Carrasius

Here is a video we put together in his memory!