History and Stuff: The Field of The Cloth of Gold

(This was originally published in 2019. I decided to post this little article sooner than later based on a random history conversation I had with a friend a couple nights ago. This is for her entertainment and anyone else's haha)

So I am going to talk about some history guys! It involves one of my greatest obsessions! The Tudor Family. One of the most childish moments in history “I am more magnificent then thou, and I have more stuff then thou.” But, before I get into this....Who has seen the “Showtime” TV series “The Tudors”? If you have cool, if you haven’t cool. But, you must watch this clip before reading the rest of my gibberish! See, I am writing about what actually happened in this clip in real life. As we all know television and movies dramatize pretty much everything. But. It is so backwards here. King Henry did not ask for a rematch, nor did he sign a peace treaty later after this event, he signed it two years before the event. Ok here watch, then read!

 So, in 1518 three kings – King Henry VIII of England, King Charles V of Spain, and King Francis of France signed a peace treaty. This peace treaty was signed to signify that the three Kings would join forces to battle the Ottomon-Turkish Empire. (The Ottomon-Turkish Empire war went on for about 623 years! It ended when they took away the the title “Ottomon Saltan.” It  ended officially in Late October 1918, a bit over a month after World War 1 ended. And yes this was part of why we had World War 1).   Anyways, In 1519 Charles V became the Holy Roman Emperor and so it was decided and conducted by Cardinal Wolsey that all three Kings – Henry, Charles and Francis would meet up and hang out for about 17 days. (Ugh I can not stand Wolsey! This man was a master manipulating, power hungry Heretic canniving bafoon).  This meeting was called “The Field Of The Cloth Of Gold.” Yes there was lots of Gold everywhere, and a bunch of other expensive royal s***.  The point of this meeting was to show and publicly pledge that the three kings were still at peace with each other, and that they were all homies and had each others’ backs.   So, while King Charles was getting ready. You had King Henry the VIII and King Francis trying to outshine each other. Like who had the best shit, the most shit, more servants, the best food, the best horses, the coolest decorations, tents, jewels, pearls and so on. Both Francis and Henry were petty bit***s and went broke and bankrupt doing this. It was so important to them to make a point of who was more superior than the other. So it’s pretty clear that they both had a superiority complex and wanted to dominate.  So at this 17 day meeting there were some rules in place; the kings were not to challenge or compete one another. Well, King Henry did not give a f***, rules do not apply to him. **So shocked! Haha nah really if you know anything about King Henry the VIII this is not shocking! It’s just who he is hah**  Okay, back to the story! So, King Henry challenged King Francis to wrestle him. King Frances of course did not back down, they wrestled and King Henry lost. King Henry was not a happy camper. Later Wolsey convinced King Charles to make an alliance with King Henry, and a year later Charles waged war against France.   This meeting was built to show that the peace and unity between England, Spain and France was still holding up their peace treaty. It was also to show that these three countries could unite despite being notorious enemies. Obviously that didn’t happen because Henry the VIII is a petty b**ch, and King Francis was a 19 year old French King full of hormones and testosterone. Haha

King Francis of France

King Henry VIII of England

King Charles V of Spain

The Tudors - Francis I vs. Henry VIII

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