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Goth Haus LA introduces BatHaus-Tober: Giveaways All Month in October

So we thought and thought for days what to name our special surprise giveaway month! We dubbed it BatHaus-Tober! Literally all month we will have giveaways! On top of giveaways from our band of the month Cliff and Ivy! Also we know many of you may not have social media so just send us a message on the website to enter, and to get updates on new giveaways this month. You can also send us an email too for updates at

So, what’s happened so far? At the end of September we started our 6 day giveaway for ”Screaming Dead” on Sunday October 4th there were two winners announced for these CDs!

Click to keep up to date with legends Screaming Dead

Then on October 2nd bandcamp waived their share of profits, so naturally we went shopping and did a Cliff and Ivy giveaway for band of the month! Someone won "The Best Of Cliff and Ivy" A fabulous must have with 18 tracks!

Click to get "The best of Cliff and Ivy"

Current Giveaways

Currently we have a Special giveaway with our friends at Memento Mori LA that will be running all month! A winner will not be announced till Halloween Night! It is super easy to enter and you can enter to win as many times as you want. And as usual this giveaway is applicable to anyone and is worldwide.

Click here to enter on Facebook

Click here to enter on Instagram

Click to shop Memento Mori LA

Next we just started another giveaway with a special edition "Black Marble" vinyl. It is the red one, and was donated to Goth Haus LA by someone who wants to remain anonymous. You can enter to win this on facebook and Instagram. It will run for two weeks and a winner will be chosen on October 20th, 2020

Click here to enter to on Facebook

Click here to enter on Instagram

Click to check out Black Marble

Upcoming October Giveaways

We highly recommend keeping your eyes peeled all month, we don't want to spoil the surprises by telling you what else we have in store. But lets just say lots of band merch and DIY jewelry and more!!! We are super excited! Also look out for SPECIAL Cliff and Ivy Giveaways this month!

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