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Golden West College's Peace & Leadership Club hosts Day Of International Peace 9/18/19

Peace and Leadership club at Golden West College in Huntington Beach is always up to something good! Next week they will be hosting an event for International Peace day! On Wednesday September 18th 2019 from 11am - 2:30 pm.

They have a great speaker coming to speak about Climate Change, music, interactive art, and Vegan food! The event is free and is open to the public.

Peace and Leadership is known for hosting events that are for the community -- on and off campus. They believe in bringing on and off campus communities together. Peace and Leadership believes heavily in sharing community resources, life resources, and the education of Peace! Learning about Peace is more then what one might think -- it entails each one of us to take a stand on something, to make a difference, learn the true meaning of peace-building, justice, and environmental/economic sustainability.

We encourage all to attend this event next week, bring your friends, and enjoy a day learning, and enjoying music, art and vegan food!

Below are some photos of Peace and Leadership

Peace and Leadership in the Native Garden creating DIY sustainable art for students during Finals week.

Peace and Leadership President on the right alongside Club Officer on the left -- dropping off the diy art gifts they made for all GWC students during Finals Week.

Peace and Leadership club on their "Clean up Campus" project.

Peace and Leadership ready to host and serve the community at the Peace Forum! -Golden West College.

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