Deathrock news: Kommunity Fk

Here to share some news with you about legendary Deathrock band “Kommunity FK.” They are touring and releasing more music!

Check out Protektion 15 Minute Tantrik (Remix) [feat. Thee Wilhelm Reich] [Explicit] by Kommunity Fk on Amazon Music And here is another version

In some more Kommunity FK news AUG.WED.21ST / SISTER BAR 407 CENTRAL AVE. NW, ABQ. NM 87102 Kommunity FK is joined by The Bellwether Syndicate, Autumn, & DJ Scary Lady Sarah of Chicago will be spinning Musik for the Dispossessed celebrating Kommunity FK's "40TH ANNIVERSARY TOUR" haunting chapter for all of you lovely darklings in the South West!!

To check out more upcoming dates go here:

And just for kicks here is one of my favorite KFK songs:

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