Deathrock is Not Reviving IV: Mystic Priestess

We know these are repetitive, but we really have nothing new to say about this. It is what it is, and one of the biggest reasons this is a segment is to help bands.We are smaller, and more DIY - but one thing we can offer you is facts, truth and we promise to not mislead you. Lastly, Deathrock is NOT having a revival, it survives and thrives. The issue is that many Deathrock bands around the world are hard to find because they do not have a massive amount of followers, and some do not even have social media. It may be hard to find, but if you look for it you will find it. As someone once said "We are the underground, of the underground." We are starting this segment knowing we may get sh** for this, and we frankly don't give a fu**. We will not break our promise to our followers that we will set out to expose these bands. Each segment will cover a Deathrock band. We are trying to help the bands and the people by doing this -- it is the only way we know how to. We have no malicious intentions, just want to share these things.

Fun Fact: If a band has members that might dress like a deathrocker, that does not mean their music is deathrock. Just like if a band doesn't dress like a deathrocker, that does not mean their music is not deathrock.

Mystic Priestess is a deathrock band from Oakland, California. They are a trans band, who make really beautiful music -- they are also activists! If you guys do not know by now GHLA is full of activists, so when we see bands not taking shit and sticking up for others we fall in love. Mystic Priestess is a very special band plus what's cooler than listening to good music from humans who fight for much needed change! Their sound is their own but it is definitely deathrock. The music and the lyrics are powerful as hell. If you like dancing, their music will get you moving. Mystic Priestess lineup is Blair Switch on the drums, Scarlet Luna on keyboards, Audie Zalavera on bass, Winter Zora on guitar, and Sierra Rose on Vocals.

Here are two Goth Haus LA Staff favorites "Through the Gallows" and "Toxic Masculinity"

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Winter is also a member of Otzï and Yama Uba

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