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Darkside of the Con III: The Long Losts - Republished

(This interview was published in 2018)

I have been so lucky to interview this band 3 times. They are amazing people and an adorable duo. Bringing you spooky sounds! Fun fact! The meaning behind their bands name is because they were long losts lovers who ended up together!

What are you looking forward to at Darkside of the con III?

We are looking forward to being trapped in a hotel with so many great friends and dark artists for a whole weekend!

You and Anka are expecting? Are you excited?

We are excited for this new chapter in our life. We can’t wait to meet the little bat 🦇

In the future what bands would you guys be beyond stoked to share the stage with?

Siouxsie and the Banshees

What is your advice to other bands forming?

Do it for the love of making music and no other reason. Then humbly learn from other bands how to get out and bring your music to the people.

What is your opinion about pineapple and pizza?

No. Let elaborate on f’n way.

Is it true NYC has the best bagels?

Well we’re biased, but yeah they’re pretty darn good here.

Do you guys have anything new coming out?

Nothing definite at the moment. We have a new album written when we have time to record it we’ll see.

You guys are so spooky! What influences The long losts sound? Punk, metal, classical music and the sound of wind in a cemetery on Halloween night.

As a special addition to this interview and the reason why this interview is shorter than most. I have video! A mini interview with them when they came to Long Beach to play at the iconic goth club “Release the bats” which by the way they closed their wings last month on their 20th anniversary. This interview is also connected to “Darkside of the con III”

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