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Darkside of The Con III Band Interview: Third Realm - Republished

(This interview was originally published in 2018)

What is behind the name “Third Realm?” Did you have any other band name ideas before you stuck with this one?

Third Realm represents my theory that we are living in a temporary dimension, sort of as a launching pad to a fourth realm, a spiritually advanced dimension. I somewhat spontaneously settled on that band name, so there wasn't any other ideas in the workings at the time.

What is the writing process like for your lyrics?

I almost always create the musical arrangements first. From there, based on the emotions and ideas I am feeling, I begin the lyrical writing process. Initially, I will amass a stockpile of phrases and words that are entering my mind, and eventually arrange them more poetically before recording vocals.

Each album you’ve released has almost a different sound! Dreaded question is who are your musical influences? Sisters of Mercy is one right? haha

I respect what Sisters of Mercy has done for the scene, but they haven't really been a huge influence of mine. My main musical influences are Peter Murphy, Diary of Dreams, IAMX & Nine Inch Nails. I always keep my ears open for something that grabs my attention, but for the most part, the above mentioned have been the core of my inspiration.

So, you’ll be playing at “Darkside of the Con III” in 2019, are you excited?

Absolutely, it is going to be an amazing experience! I am really looking forward to seeing all the other bands perform, and attend the wonderful activities that are planned for the weekend.

In October you’ll be releasing a new album?! It’s also available for pre-order right? Links please!

That is correct! "Dystopian Society" will be the 10th full length release for Third Realm. You can pre-order the CD here:

I have a somewhat fan/interviewer question for you! Do you have/ or have you ever had a promotion and marketing team? Or have you been your own marketing and promo team? I know as a promoter period it’s a lot of work. How have you been so successful with self promotion? It’s like climbing a ladder and never giving up no matter what right?

It is certainly a lot of work. My past two releases were more promoted and marketed because I was signed with Distortion Productions, however, for the most part, I have operated the process on my own. Even though my first official release was in 2005, the formation of my band started over 20 years ago. I think part of my success is due to having true passion for music creation. Over the years, I learned so much about recording, mixing and mastering. It is just something I love doing, which in turn, exudes a genuine presentation. I think people relate and respect that element. Further, I have always been very personable with "fans" or anyone that has emailed me/complimented me/struck up a conversation. I have created thousands of connections throughout the years, which is another amazing part of the whole journey. My music has opened up so many avenues for me, and I am grateful for everything. So, I would say you definitely need to be persistent, do your research, reach out to other bands, labels, concert venues, magazines, radio stations, etc. Above all, if you have passion and love doing it, then continue no matter what.

Were you in other bands before you started “Third Realm?” If so, what kind and what where they called?

Before the first official Third Realm release, I was involved in an Ethereal / Down Tempo project called "Idiom of Sad". This is obviously after, but in 2013, I released the debut album for my side project "Sinister Device".

Who has produced your music videos, past and present?

Constantine Zalesky (Zalesky Photo), Viacheslav Yermolenko (Yermolenko Videography), Daniel James (Tragic Hero Productions), Maria Vasilevskaya, Ksenia Gvinyatina & John M. Curtin (J.M. Curtin Photography)

What is “Dacnomania” about? Is it a love song? It is definitely not a love song! Admittedly, that is one of the few fantasy based songs I have done. Nothing interesting to say about it. It was just my love for horror films being put to song.

Also, I’m sure this has been asked, but what was behind “Diabolic Crush?” I’m not very much into Electric/ebm/industrial/synthwave bands personally but “Third Realm” grabbed my attention when your album “Beyond Good and Evil” came out. If it was up to me, I would literally ask what is behind every single song on that album.

It is basically about people that are in too much of a rush to absorb what is good in their lives. Hence the lyrics: "Slow It Down, Take It In, Everybody's In A Rush, Not A Feeling In Their Heart, Yeah You Know It's Just A Crush" I am glad you like that album! It is quite the bi-polar arrangement of tracks. That seems to be a consistent theme for me.

Diabolic Crush Video

Do you have any tours coming up?

Nothing has been solidified yet, but there is something in the works for 2019. I can't say much about it now, but stay tuned!

Who has made most of “Third Realm's” album art?

My first few covers were made by Primoz Poljansek, then I created a few on my own. Vaida Petrauskaitė helped out on "Daydreams and Nightmares", and the three most recent album covers were created by Industriarts Studio.

Some videos to check out

Anything you’d like to leave us with?

Thank you very much for doing this interview! I really appreciate everyone that listens to my music. For those who may have not seen them yet, there are plenty of new music videos on YouTube to check out, and our entire discography can be streamed and/or downloaded on our Bandcamp page!

-fan questions-

Why did you cut your lovely locks mister?

I felt I needed a change! Sometimes in life, we feel a bit stagnate, and I sort of wanted to find myself outside of vanity.

Who is your dream collaborator in a future album?

I would have to say Trent Reznor or Peter Murphy.

Would you do cover songs of Depeche Mode or any other bands?

Absolutely! I almost did a Depeche Mode cover for a compilation that was coming out in the past. I may consider it again sometime. At this time, I don't know if I will entertain the thought of covering any other bands, but who knows!

Have you ever played with a band that you were psyched to play with? And do you have any bands you would like to share the stage with?

I was very excited when we played with 3teeth & Psyclon Nine, those were killer shows! I would love to share the stage with Nine Inch Nails or Rammstein (if they ever tour again).

Links to all thiings Third Realm:





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