Darkside of the Con III band interview: nTTX- Republished

(This interview was published in 2018)

Why nTTx? What is the meaning behind the name? How long has nTTx been around?

In high-school, I made electronic music but didn’t do much with it as the town I lived in wasn’t exactly welcoming to the genre, so I played drums in skate-punk bands, and rock bands as I listened to DAF, Nitzer Ebb and Læther Strip in the privacy of my own Walkman.

Back then, I called my project NTT, meaning “entity” as in a controlling spirit. When it came time to return to my music, I called it nTTx.

What has been each band members influence?

nTTx is just me. On stage I get other musicians to give the live shows a different look and feel, a special reason to see nTTx live. Growing up, I was lucky to have an older brother that was a DJ and he introduced me to a wide array of artists. The stuff that grabbed my attention was the dark and weird stuff, from Genesis’ Lamb Lies Down, Gary Numan with Tubeway Army, and Kraftwerk. That led me on to finding out about industrial, EBM, and the dark music scene.

What is something you would tell new bands just forming that you wish you knew when you started your band?

Make your music from the heart. Find honest people that will tell you the truth and value them. Appreciate everyone above and below you and ASK for help when you need it.

You guys are touring "The world vibration tour" with "And one" 2018/2019 how is that going?

We are only accompanying them on the Canadian leg, hasn't started yet. I met Steve many moons ago backstage at a VNV show, but I doubt he remembers me. Incidentally, Nico mastered my first EP!

You did a Depeche Mode cover, tell us about how you made this song? It seems you made it your own while paying tribute to DP.

I’ve always loved Depeche Mode. New Dress has been off their playlist ever since Diana passed away. The lyrics are just as true today as the day they were written. And of course the royal celebrity torch was passed to Kate, so I included her.

You guys are playing at "Dark side if the con III" are you excited to play this? What are you guys looking forward to at Dark Side of the con?

When they told me i was in the lineup... I freaked! It is such an honor to be included.

One of the things I most look forward to is meeting people I have only met online.

What genre do you feel nTTx falls under?nTTx is electronic rock, and draws from many different genres such as EBM, industrial and disco.

A fan wants to know "Is Gord Clement' french?

LOL, no, I am not French. Way back there I am of German and Welsh descent, but I consider myself Canadian.

What bands have you shared the stage with?

Many, but Decoded Feedback, Assemblage 23, Haujobb, Architect, Prospero, Kontravoid, Acid Test, Scrape, Honey Beard, Red Lokust, Spider Lilies, Tragic Impulse, Peter Turns Pirate and Depression Era come to mind.

When it comes to promoting, who takes care of that? Does nTTx?

My wife Anju is the management and promotions department of nTTx.. she does an awesome job, is super smart and sexy and I love her soooo much! I'm signed to WTII Records and they of course help to promote.

A question asked by other smaller bands is how do you protect your equipment when traveling, do you guys label it, or have someone always watching over it say if no one is around?

Most of our stuff is pretty unique and custom made or otherwise marked. We try to keep our gear collected together and under watch, luckily we have only ever had a guitar stand go missing!

Do you have any crazy or funny stories from any shows you have played?

Daniel Myer walked in backstage while my wife was putting on a tie clip for me (I was standing on the steps a few up from her and her back was to him)...he had a very different idea of what was going on and looked so embarassed.

Do you have anything new coming out soon?

Yes, new EP in the works.

Anything you would like to leave us with?

A plate of fresh baked cookies.

Links to all things nTTx:

Website: www.nttxmusic.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nttxmusic

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nttxmuzik

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/nttxmusic

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