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Darkside of The Con III: Adoration Destroyed - Republished

(This interview was originally published in 2018. Everything is as is except the cover photo)

When did Adoration Destroyed form?

I started work on the project in later 2014, with the first song out the gate being "Here to Bleed". While a "slow song" is not always the best album opener, i felt it made sense. I kept writing for a good few months after and didn't even have a name for the project yet. I recruited bandmates Jon Gilyeat, and Erik Ashe from our former band Souless Affection, and we played our first show in Austin in May 2015, opening for CHANT. The lineup has changed a bit, fast-forward to now, (Ritch Napierkowski on Synth/backing Vox, Patrick Fears on percussion) but we are still going strong, with multiple national tours under our belt, with the likes of Kanga, Ego Likeness, FIRES, and The Rain Within, as well as various Goth festivals.

What is behind the song "In Elegant Decay?"

Ahh this is a rough one, and still one of my favorite songs to perform. with any writer, be it an author, screen writer or songs take a bit of stuff i've experienced, and or past feels, and blend it with fiction, and stuff that sounds good stylistically. I've however never been in a relationship quite like that. But...I will say that I was violently attacked by an ex many years ago. Needless to say I broke it off after that.

When did you guys sign a deal with Cleopatra Records? How has it been with them?

We are honored to be a part of the Cleopatra family! They have been very loving and supportive. We started talks with them in 2015, via our manager, and signed in January 2016. Shortly after we did a single, then the debut album came out in fall.

Who writes your lyrics and the music?

While the band is indeed such for live, and presentation, the music, lyrics and production are done by me (Erik) as a solo artist. I take the songs as far as I can in my home studio, and then they are given a final mix and master by my Engineer Daniel Stapleton, in Austin, TX. We have a great partnership, and if he feels theres an edit, change or even a guitar needed here and there, I trust his judgement.

I do however recently share Remixx duties with Synth player/backing vocalist Ritch Napierkowski. That has been a nice change to collab a bit.

What bands are each of you influenced by?

Personally, I draw influences from all over. My first bands I was in, (and it feels like a lifetime ago!) were actually Death Metal bands when i lived in Stockholm, Sweden for 5 years in my teens. I was actually briefly in the band Dismember, and then found a home in Therion. But here's mine, and my band member's influences:

Erik Gufstafson: The Birthday Massacre, Deadsy, Alice in Chains, Numan, Manson, Assemblage 23, Neuroticfish, Aesthetic Perfection.

Patrick Fears: Depeche Mode/New Order/ The Cure

Ritch Napierkowski: Depeche Mode, Aphex Twins, and.. Psychic TV.

Have you ever performed a song on stage that was made up right on the spot?

Heheh we have indeed not. That said, sometimes in sound check we will mess around a bit and play jaunty versions of some of the songs. But since songs are written in the studio, we don't really "jam" per se. Maybe we should!

What is the meaning behind the band name?

Oh man...I struggled HARD for months on what to name this project. I used all manners of "cut-up Davie Bowie/William Burroughs"- type word jumbles and brainstorming. But basically this name stuck due to the heavy emotional content or broken heart/break-up-y type themes. Also, its unbelievably hard to find an original and un-taken name these days! I'd get all excited about some word combo, only to google it and have my heart broken once again! *laughs*

Are you guys excited to play at Darkside of the con III? What are you guys looking forward to at the con?

We are so super stoked and honored to play this event. I think one of the biggest things is to be among so many great people and fans of dark music, as well as play with some of the bands that influence us. Once again, huge honor. Also the parties! We may need to buy onesies/Kigurumis from what I understand. Decisions, decisions!

Now we are curious about your video making, adventures? How is that going? Have you learned anything that could help other bands that are trying to make videos?

Thanks for asking! This has been an adventure indeed, and a passion. For maybe 2-3 years now i've been learning how to make music videos, learning and buying multiple digital film cameras and lenses. (Ouch! and I thought Music was an expensive passion?!) I decided to make Music Videos out of necessity. From day one of this band, I knew we needed a Music Video presence; and I wanted them to be CINEMATIC. Not just some live stuff/Gopro footage, or just the band playing. So I got quotes from people, with varying levels of price and quality. Some of which i was like "Uhhh, I can do this better for that price if i just learn.. I know what I want it to look like" And it just made more sense to buy the stuff and do it myself. So now, after a few years, lots of gear investments, research, tutorials and a bit of advice from friends, and a few videos made later, i'm able to offer those skills and services to other bands, and gain a little income back, and a lot of fun!

I will use the word passion once more: as with the Remixes I do, I put my full heart into anything with my name on it. Advice to other bands-wise, if you're techy enough, and have the ability to put time into learning another skill, (and buying the gear) and really do it, then DO IT! and keep doing it until you don't suck anymore. (That last part goes for about every type of art)

What would you all like to say to your fans? I would like to give a heartfelt THANK YOU and say that i'm honored if you've been able to relate to, cry to, fuck to, or even simply blast our music in the car. You rock! Also, THANK YOU to all the DJs, Mix show hosts, podcasts and magazines that have played and or supported us. 🖤

How do you guys feel about pineapple on pizza and pineapple in tacos?

Patrick Fears: Hell yes! On a taco ? Never heard of such a thing, although I'm willing to try it.

Erik Gufstafson:I adore pineapple on pizza! One of my most liked selfies was me in a coffin at St.Louis venue The Crack Fox, holding pineapple pizza! *laughs* it definitely belongs on pizza. And yes, I've indeed had some tropical-type of tacos that had pineapple on it and it rocked! I think the appeal with pineapple to me, is that it sets off an either salty or spicy ingredient in the dish, and provides a nice contrast.

Anything you would like to leave us with?

Patrick Fears:Looking forward to playing and sharing the stage with a stellar lineup of bands and muscians as well as hangs with all you beautiful creatures of the night. See you on the Darkside!

Erik Gufstafson: Keep a look out for new music videos, and a sharp eye on industrial/synthpop releases for AD remixes! New EP or album soon-ish. (Most likely a single first, however)

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