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Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Interview by Morticia

Interview “mini-view” March, 2018.

When did The Amatory Murder form? What is the origin behind the band name?

Xian: The project started a few years back now. Originally, it was just me, some synths and a guitar in a basement. I wanted to start something from scratch that had a little more angst and depth than previous bands I was in. It was also a little more industrial sounding at the time. It has since evolved into something way more alternative rock, organic and totally different.

As far as the name goes, 'Amatory' is an old English word that basically means "induced by passion and romance". I feel that love is a complex thing. It's beautiful, it can be wonderful, your heart is full...but it can also push you to insanity and darkness. It can destroy you. 'The Amatory Murder' literally means "A murder committed in the name of passion".

How many band members are there and what are their stances in the band?

Xian: Currently, we have four members. I [Christian Peppas aka "Xian"] am the lead singer, programmer, engineer, etc etc etc. I wear several hats in this band.

We've gone through several lineup changes throughout the years, but this is one I'm really happy with. Binx Noir is our bass guitarist/backup vocalist, Scott Genovese is our drummer/backup vocalist, and Christian "The Governor" Buckley is our guitarist. We all click musically and personality-wise. We've had crazy some experiences together...It's really great. I love these guys like brothers.

<u>What are band practices like? Do you have a set time each week?</u>

Xian: We have a few set days at our place in Brooklyn every week; and we try do do our podcast 'Neurotic Creatures' every month or so. Rehearsals are rock n'roll, therapeutic and hilarious at the same time. We are CONSTANTLY busting each other's balls. It's really like a band practice/roast. In fact, many people are surprised when they hang out with us for the first time because they assume we're typical brooding rock dudes...well maybe I am. But still, we're like a f*cked up comedy troupe that plays rock songs. For instance, last week Scott was eating applesauce like the pre-schooler he is and we laced into him.

What has been your biggest challenge as a band?

Xian: Scott

If you guys could play at any venue anywhere, where would it be?

Xian: There are some amazing places throughout the world I would love for us to throw down in. Yokohama Arena [in Japan] comes to mind. But as a native New Yorker, I'd have to say Madison Square Garden is a huge goal for me in this band.

Do you have a Motto for the band? Or a superstition?

Xian: We don't really have a motto, but at the end of each show I always tell the audience to "Be good to yourselves and each other". Life is short. As far as superstitions go, not really...but I will say on our last tour we could've easily died at one point and I personally believe it was this pouch of blessed crystals thank hat was given to me before we left that helped save us. And I usually don't believe in that stuff. I know Scott likes to organize his papers and turn his lightswitch on and off 7 times so that nobody dies on stage.

You can find The Amatory Murder here: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheAmatoryMrdr/

Instagram: https://instagram.com/theamatorymurder?igshid=tf0g85o5uc9e

Bandcamp: https://theamatorymurder.bandcamp.com

Staff edit: The band has asked us to add an updated photo of the band.

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