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Be Informed: Native American and Indigenous People

Photo by Vince Maggiora from 1969 (Alcatraz Occupy Movement)

This is just a short article being written to introduce a linktree the Goth Haus LA owner (who is Native American herself) made to help people understand native people struggles, issues, and the transgenerational issues that many do not know about. The link we are providing has links to native american newspapers, mini documentaries, past and current issues in native communities, and so much more. -Homosapien Guy

There are so many things I want to say, but I promised I would keep this short and to the point. I decided I wanted to make a document of links to all things native to help educate others who want to learn, or want to help. I then decided I would make a Linktree and just link all the links I can. So this link we are sharing is important,I plan to add more to it -- or even make more similar to these. I feel people who really want to learn the issues we face, the best way is to really do some research, look at native owned and operated news and podcasts.

The struggles we have are ignored and disregarded by the worlds main media because in short (I hate to say this, but it is how I personally feel), we don't matter to them. That is why when we do get coverage we are so thankful for the support given by others around the world. Following Native news and podcasts will show you what many of us deal with on and off the reservations. Covid-19 has really hit the reservations hard, and it hurts my heart. Anyone who is indigenous can feel the pain of the loss of their people even if they are not from the same tribe. So, if you are reading this; please share it and check out the Linktree. Thank you for listening - Morticia

Click this link to see the Linktree: https://linktr.ee/NativeAndIndigenous

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