Bands & Musicians Have Teamed Up For A Suicide Awareness Online Concert September 25th 2020

September is Suicide Awareness month. This month Goth Haus LA has teamed up with Golden West College's Active Minds Chapter. While we are known for our activism in different aspects of life, we are also known for mental health advocacy. Active Minds is a national organization spread across the nation at several different higher education institutions. It's main goal is to change the conversation on mental health, fight the stigma, end the silence and help other students by listening and giving out resources to them.

During this pandemic suicide rates have risen and many people feel alone. So the Active Minds Chapter at Golden West College and Goth Haus LA, came up with the idea to raise awareness through music. At this concert online, there will be 7 bands and a special guest presenting spoken word, and resources given to attendees. This concert is being dedicated to those who have lost their lives to suicide.

Band/Musician Lineup plus their reasons for music.

Bella - Is a performer from Boston in her own words “I write and perform original music with the intention of inspiring women (and those with with other identities) to step into their full power.”

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Kali Ra - Is from Oakland, Ca and has this to say "I'm originally from Oklahoma City currently in Oakland. Music is a primary means of expression for me. Lyrically, I tend to tell a story or paint a picture about a concept, an emotion, perhaps as person. The subject material can be quite dark, but can also be optimistic or even rapturous. My music communicates the human experience through my lens to others. Perhaps a connectivity happens, and that's the payoff for me."

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Chad Carrier - had this to say “Music is my therapy it keeps me sane. It is a great way to connect to people. I think you are born with music in your soul. I enjoy the interaction of sharing my music and the stories I tell through the lyrics. It is such a great flow of energy when people get together to enjoy music. I think I would be lost without it.”

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Swingin' Johnny - From Long Beach, Ca is also a band member of Los Nauticals had this to say "Being a rebel means having a battle cry and music hits right between the ears"

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Cliff and Ivy - Are Alaska's only Goth Duo and had this to say "We are doing this to support suicide awareness. We must reach out to help our friends, neighbors and family who are hurting. You are not alone!"

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Six Million Dead - Is a black metal Native American band from Arizona and they had this to say "Day by day. Moment by moment. Our performance is dedicated to our loved ones who chose to enter the spiritual journey into the unknown."

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The Blood Wisdom/Eaden Rosvein - had this to say “I guess I'd say...Music has always been my guiding light...the closest thing to a sense of salvation. In my darkest moments, both listening and/or playing music has inspired me and reminded me of the beauty in the world even when situations are at their ugliest.”

Click here for The Blood Wisdom

Edward Transylvania - Is a Los Angeles deejay, promoter and is in bands "Experiment Perilous" and "Stardust Heroes." He will be sharing some uplifting Spoken word and here is what he had to say

"I chose to do Spoken word, because it is another form of art, an intimate,direct unfiltered way of conveying the message that you are not alone, We are all broken in one form or another, but together knowing you are not alone. We can piece each part back, one day at a time"

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You can keep up to date on this event on our instagram here:

The concert starts online at 4:00 PM and ends at 6:30 PM PST. Active Minds and Goth Haus LA will be inviting attendees to join them at Release the Bats on Twitch to enjoy more music with Dave and Jenn Bats.

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