Band Interview: The Cemetary Girlz (Republished)

(This interview was originally published in February 2019)

When did “The Cemetary Girlz” form? Was it really in 2006? Diva+Re: I can’t say exactly, Alien will know. Alien started working with other musicians to record the first songs. I first met him in 2009 I think, I helped record and mix the first album. I joined the band later around 2010 or 2011. Their drummer was about to leave the band and they were looking for someone that could quickly learn and play the songs. AlienSPagan: yes that’s right 2016! With Manu Zorch from Zorch factory Records and Romeo, the band start with the song Death has tasted blood, we put it on MySpace and it was a succes, it surprise me a lot. First gig in Paris and then we tour in Europe.

Dj Alien S Pagan can you tell me about your other project “Roses of pain?” Alien: Roses of pain is a « ambiant/Coldwave project, I write songs and lyrics quickly, it’s more « electronic » than my other projects. But still cold

Your last album was released in 2013, your fans want to know if you guys have plans to release another? (You and Diva+Re recording) Diva+Re: Definitely! It’s taking longer than we planned, a lot happened since 2013. We’re really excited and can’t wait to release something new in 2019. We’ve recorded, reworked, re-recorded the demos so many times we’ve lost the count! We’ve slowly getting there and we have enough finished songs for the album. Also we had to find a way to write and record remotely that worked for us. I moved out of France and spent five years in Germany and I’m based in Scotland at the moment. Alien: yes in 2019 We will release a new album, a lot of things change in our lives, and in the band a new member : siouxside join us we take a lot of time to work on the songs but I think the time will worth it! We change our music style but it’s still The Cemetary Girlz If you want to know what’s the « ambiance » of the album, imagine winter forest ravens and mist. It’s called « L’envol du Corbeau » / Raven’s Flight

Was your last show in 2014? If not when was it? Diva+Re: Actually in June 2015, we opened for Modern English in Paris, along with Saigon Blue Rain. It wasn’t an easy gig, I don’t think we were able to rehearse much before. We played a new song that will be on the next album and we jammed on another one that won’t. We weren’t exactly sure in which direction to go after “Opus Vitae” and playing some new material in front of an audience helped shape the sound. Alien: yes the last show wasn’t easy but we enjoy it anyway

What have been your favorite places to play? Diva+Re: In Brazil, I’d never traveled that far to play and the festival took place in the mountains, that was surreal. But everyone has always been so nice everywhere we played and the audience is usually receptive and fun. And I always have fun with Alien no matter what happens and where we are! Alien: Yes Brazil was a blast, and our friends from Escarlatina Obsessiva are amazing! We enjoy every gig everywhere, Russia was great, Finland, Norway, Poland, Germany ( Wgt was magical for us, Italy Spain, Portugal, UK... we travel a lot and I can t describe the feeling when you play in front of people who really enjoy your music and come from far to see us. I remember in Russia some fan came from Ukraine and spend days by train bus.. to come for our gig. And yes it’s always a pleasure to play with Diva Re, it’s my soulmate in music !

Have you guys played outside of France? If so where? Diva+Re: Geographically speaking, we’ve played as far as Russia and Brazil, that makes me incredibly thankful and happy every time I think about it. We mostly played in Europe but not all countries. We’re really happy to play anywhere if we can make it happen.

How is the goth scene in France? Has it changed over the years? Diva+Re: I’ve only heard of the situation in Paris about a year ago, not in a good way but there are still people there passionate about it and keeping the spirit alive. It’s always been a very small scene. As a band, it’s hard to get gigs and tour, find the money, time and energy. As a promoter, it’s usually really hard financially and so much stress. Alien: yes the scene in France is strange, there s a lot of bands but not much audience. I think people give up..

What have you guys been up to lately? Diva+Re: I’m slowly settling down where I live now, I’ve been back at playing the guitar in addition to the drums. Still working on the album. Alien: same for me I’m working on the new album and visuals.

What is Chimeres and Sleeping Screams about? Diva+Re: I have this weird thing that I never notice the lyrics of a song when I listen to music. I hear the voice, the sound and the words but I have to focus intensively to understand what they mean, even in French. So I’ve no idea what most songs are about! It’s started to change though now I live in an English-speaking country. I don’t know if it’s a good or bad thing but hopefully I’ll be able to answer that question for the next album! Alien: Chimères was written by Manu Zorch, it’s a vision of chaos and utopia Sleeping Screems is a very introspective song for me I can translate some words : In the shadow of light the blind can see me I hear the screams of the mute The deaf can hear me The cold warm the place Ravens take the place of the vultures I’m the raven In all my lyrics there s a meaning for me but you have to read between the lines

What are your musical influences? Diva+Re: That’s a hard one to answer, I’ve never really been faithful to one genre in particular and I went through a lot of different phases. But since we started working on the third album specifically, I’ve been listening to a lot of early death metal, post-hardcore and ambient. Alien: Well, I love all the Goth genres, but yes since we work on the new album I listen to black metal, ambiant and Post rock music. I also love the nordic music.

If you could tell your fans anything, what would you tell them?

Diva+Re: Never give up and find your own way in this mess! Alien: just be yourself that’s the only true thing that belong to us.

Who wrote the songs and the lyrics? Diva+Re: For the album we’re working on, we’ve both been written the music. I’m usually better at arranging a song but I managed to write a couple. Alien is very productive, more than I am! And we arrange the parts as we play them, the music isn’t carved in stone, everyone in the band has always been welcome to bring their own ideas and rearrange their parts however they like. Alien writes all the lyrics, that’s his world. Alien: for the new album we worked together. I’m really surprised by the work of Diva on the new songs, I wrote the lyrics, I had images in my mind for every songs and I will try to put it on video for the tour.

Who has made the music videos and logo art?

Diva+Re: Alien is the artist here! Alien: yes it’s my job haha I’m a graphic designer.

Anything you would like to leave us with? Diva+Re: Really appreciate the interview and your interest in our music! Alien: thanks a lot for that interview stay dark and stay tuned for the new album ;)

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