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Band Interview: Kommunity FK 40th Anniversary (Republished)

(This interview was originally published in August 2018, for KFK's 40th anniversary. It has almost been two years since this was originally published. Happy 42nd Anniversary from the staff at Goth Haus LA. We love you)

Kommunity FK started in 1978? How was the start of it all? When did the idea of the band actually come a long?

PATRIK: It was 1978 & I have always loved the Avant Garde genre ov music & Anti-Art, Surrealism, DaDaism, German Expressionism, & the Experimental. So, when Dame Bowie released his groundbreaking lp, LOW, it touched me deeply. Especially when released during the height ov UK Punk & the beginning ov what is now known as Post Punk. I had always desired to found my own musical outfit where I could express myself under my truest influences.

Attempting to do so in Hollywood during this time was a bit difficult for me as I didn’t really travel amongst any ov the local L.A. music scenes. With that in mind, trying to find like-minded musicians was hard for me. So, I had to put everything together by myself, looking for such musicians or even non-musicians, just to start my idea ov a band. But the spark was lit.

When you lived in California, where did you live? Did any of you move frequently? Do you guys have a favorite place?

PATRIK: I lived in Hollywood. I had a job at Fiorucci in Beverly Hills. This establishment was 1 ov thee main hangouts for 70s rock stars & Hollywood punks like Darby Crash, whom frequented the Cafe there drinking strawberry sodas & people watching. I didn’t move to any other areas as all new beginning phases ov new ever-changing musical genres were conglomerated right there in L.A. at the time.

As far as favorite places, we hung out at the downtown underground klubs like Al’s Bar, Atomic Cafe, Hong Kong, & we would try to rehearse at our first location called 333 Studios located at Hollywood Blvd. & La Brea. I would scour the punk klubs for a drummer as much as I could. & 1 night I found one at The Cathay De Grande.

What is the meaning behind the band name? Were you always KFK?

PATRIK:I named the band Kommunity Fuck originally. Reason was that after finding our drummer we began trying to book performances in Hollywood but it was quite difficult at first due to our having our own attitude, a new & different sound, look, & we became outsiders, scapegoats for the jealous animosity from the more well-known punk bands & scenesters whom claimed that we were just a bunch ov rich kids buying our way onto killer gigs & support slots for bigger touring bands. Totally ridiculous. We earned that. So, the name fit perfectly as we had become the ‘community fuck,’ sometimes being covered with gob & insults whenever we performed live with the exception ov a few savvy new found followers whom started attending almost every performance.

We were discovered by the famous L.A. Times music critic, Terry Atkinson, whom saw us perform second billing as support for Killing Joke’s debut in L.A. at The Whiskey A Go-Go on August 28th, 1981. When we were given a very good decent paragraph critique by him for the L.A. Times Calendar section, all types ov hate mail was published in the next Sunday Calendar issue. You couldn’t buy such awesome publicity. Kinda Sex Pistolian, if you will. & yes, we were & always will be Kommunity FK.

Who writes the music and who writes the lyrics? Or is it all shared?

PATRIK: I am the main composer/multi-instrumentalist ov both music & lyrics, et al. More recently, I have shared compositions with Sherry Rubber, KFK’s other multi-instrumentalist & chanteuse. You can experience this combination on our album, “La Santisima Muerte”. & more recent trax.

Kommunity Fk has been around for 42 years! Does it even feel like the time has passed?

PATRIK: No & yes. I am not one to look back into the Past, although I feel that our celebrating this 40th year anniversary is an opportunity to have fun sharing our music from throughout these years with as many fans & followers whom have never seen us before, as possible.

Sure, it does feel as such, sometimes. I don’t rest on my laurels & I don’t even really listen to my own music very much. I am always looking forward once a project is finished & released. I then return to my embrace ov thee Unknown.

Through each decade 78'-88', 88'-98' 98'-08' and between 08'- currently what are/were your favorite to play with, favorite venues, and favorite countries/cities?

PATRIK: Supporting Killing Joke during their very first American tour was KFK’s first big exposure as a band to contend with. From that point onward KFK was thee go-to- band for all USA touring UK Goth bands. We supported P.I.L. at The California Theatre in S.D., Alien Sex Fiend, Specimen, The Jesus & Mary Chain, Sex Gang Children, among many, many others. We now are great headliners.

Through the years has your audience changed a lot? How so?

PATRIK: In a way, it has. During our formative experimental years there was an interesting scene abundant with very original thinkers & avant garde oriented artistes. Fashion was more ov a DIY ideology. There were no Hot Topics nor mall readywear shoppes. Instead, there were amazing unique boutiques owned or rented by fabulous clothing designers. I know. I worked at a lot ov them myself. The street was Melrose Avenue.

Nowadays it has become more ov a uniform, as with the Punk scene. But I truly feel that the Goth movement is still the most deadly gorgeous ov all Tribes.

We must keep Art/Anti-Art & fashion alive now more than ever.

Dedicating your lives to music, and keeping goth alive, some people might say you have been one of the various leaders leading the torch, how do you feel about this?

PATRIK: I am just doing my thang. Always have & always will. KFK has always had it’s own unique sound from Day Zero. I make no pretenses & I am giving it all to you.

You guys have new music and upcoming shows in California right? Can you tell us about that, and about any other shows?

PATRIK: Kommunity FK is scheduled to begin the first leg ov our 40th Year Anniversary Tour on September 9th at The Echo LA. The 13th Chime will also be performing. September 11th KFK headlines at The Soda Bar in San Diego. September 13th KFK co-headlines with a ‘secret UK band’ at The Near Dark Oakland Festival. That will be very special. & on September 15th KFK headlines El Cid in LA. It is the last date ov our first leg jaunt & my human birthday. Oh Oh. Now thee cat is out ov thee bag. More dates are being negotiated & I will inform one & all very soon.

What is advice you guys would give upcoming bands?

PATRIK: Make your own Way & apply your own Vision & Voice. True Will is thee key.

-Fan Questions-

Do you still have the wings from the "Something has died inside of me" video?

PATRIK: No. I wish that I did. It is probably a trophy to somebody out there.

In the new-ish Kommunity FK track "Thee New Tribe", which you graciously allowed me to give the "World Club Premier" to in 2013: outside of the song's instrumental Stooges-esque thunderous roll, lyrically you've taken aim at some (possibly specific) newer people in the scene -as you caterwaul curses sizzling with venom; reminding them whom is "real" and what is not.

What answer (if any) can you provide us with, as far as a back-story that inspired the song's lyrics? - DJ Mätthew Griffin

PATRIK: Good question, my dear friend. I composed the song after an experience that I had at a proper KFK gig overhearing somebody question KFK’s validity in a dressing room next to ours. Uh uh. 40 years after, so, who’s thee New Tribe, then, aye?

What bands are your prime inspirations?

PATRIK: Psychedelia. Dame Bowie. William S. Burroughs. The DaDaists. Salvador Dali. Jean Cocteau. Delia Derbyshire. Daphne Oram. Bob Moog. The Stooges. My dreams. But I do like a a lot ov the new bands that I have heard over the past few years releasing great music from within our genre. I shan’t name any names, though, as to leave anyone out.

Plus, it remains to be personal as well.

If you could do a duet with David Bowie which song would it be?

PATRIK: Bewlay Brothers

------End of fan questions, we can not add them all in-------

Any last words you would like to leave us with?

Thank you one & all for your undying support throughout these years & in the Here & Now. I graciously appreciate it. We will not fall.


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Staff Edit 07/18/20 This year will mark their 42nd anniversary!

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