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Band Interview: Darling Dead

When did Darling Dead officially start?

Darling Dead originally formed in the 90’s. After the original run, everyone went their separate ways and in 2018 we decided to reunite.

When ya’ll came back together in 2018, did you have a set plan on what you would be doing now and what ya’ll have now come out with? Or was this just all new created sporadic magic?

We knew we wanted to write songs with dark overtones and blend different musical influences. Our older material was influenced by punk, seedy Sunset Strip rock, deathrock/goth, and a bit of 70’s glitter rock. It was a planned effort to strip away a lot of that. We wanted to keep some of the deathrock/goth influences and add in some industrial, black metal, modern metal, post-punk and elements of aggrotech as we were listening to a variety of music falling into those categories. Our songs are a mix but the common thread is the dark overtones which is what we wanted to achieve. Johnny Astro, our bass player, has coined it as “black autumn core” which will be the title of our next album.

Do you feel your fan base has changed since coming back? If so in what ways? If anything we think ya’ll would have your older fans, plus new ones.

I would say that’s an accurate summary. There are definitely older fans that are following us now. At the same time we have found new fans as well. At one show we did, there was a girl I would say was about 12 with her parents. I ended up giving her some merch and a CD. You could tell she was thrilled so it was a great experience. There are definitely people of varying ages at our shows.

So, this has been a question for many bands, throughout this pandemic how have ya’ll coped as musicians. With the shutting down and opening up of everything over and over again? It has been such a roller coaster. Did any of you pick up new hobbies or focus on certain things?

That whole experience was ultimately good for no one but you make the best of what you’ve got. I personally wouldn’t say I picked up any new hobbies but I did try to do some outdoor activities but then again I enjoy that anyway. As a band we did work on a fair amount of new material. We had to cancel a lot of shows during that time that had been scheduled in advance. At least we have a backlog of material now!

In 2020 Brandi you contributed some words to fans and anyone reading alongside 34 other bands in honor of mental health. You said some beautiful words. We wanted to know now that we are in 2022, would you or anyone in the band like to offer any words of encouragement or wisdom to those dealing with mental health issues?

Statistically a lot of people had mental health issues during the pandemic resulting from isolation. I myself reached a point where I became very frustrated and had some things to iron out in order for myself to move forward. I had two friends die during that time, one by suicide and the other by fentanyl poisoning, which only made things worse. It can be very difficult but it’s important not to let those negative feelings engulf you. I know that sometimes is easier said than done. Outlets are needed. Friends, family, a walk on a beach or in the mountains. Whatever it is that can let you clear your mind a bit. Everyone needs something to get through tough times.

We noticed y'all have produced a lot of merch and you have variety in your merch, which is really cool to see. As a band, where is the best place to purchase your merch online where ya’ll get most of the profits?

Honestly, the best place as far as us making profit is to buy at shows. Bands don’t make quite as much as a lot of people may think they do off our merch. There is merch available online at our website, That is the place you will find the biggest variety.

Darling Dead had a show that was scheduled for January 15th 2022, but that show had to be postponed. We know you said you would let everyone know as soon as you know when that might be. But, if you have any updates or information feel free to tell us here. Now that we are on the subject of shows.. Do ya’ll have any upcoming shows?

We had a run of shows in January and had to cancel most of them unfortunately. We have started recording our next album but right now we have shows scheduled Friday July 1st in Tampa, FL and Sunday July 3rd in Sanford, FL which is in the Orlando area.

Do any of you have a cause you stand for, or something you want people to know in the world?

I don’t know that I would say it is a cause but I would say to people to think independently and live your live as you see fit. Don’t follow the herd while trying to make other people happy if you are miserable in the process.

It feels like y’all have a good range of style. From more black metal to surf rock and punk inspired songs. What bands are your current biggest influences?

Speaking for myself, I would say that recently I have been listening to a lot of Sisters of Mercy, Cradle of Filth, Bauhaus, Fields of The Nephilm, Lord of The Lost, Siouxsie and The Banshees, Dimmu Borgir, Motionless In White, In This Moment, Infected Rain, Spiritbox, Lacuna Coil, The Cure, Rammstein, Blutengel and Psyclon Nine. There are several others I could mention but that gives you an idea of what’s been on my playlist.

Anything you want to leave us with?

As mentioned earlier, we are recording our album entitled Black Autumn Core. We will be releasing an advanced single for the song Bats so be on the lookout for that. Visit our website, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Bands In Town and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Planning to get out and do lots of live shows following the album release so hope to see you then!

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