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Artist Interview: Devens Music

I found Devens Music by chance a year and a half ago and wanted to learn more about them and so this happened! We hope you enjoy reading this and get exposed to the coolness of Devens! This interview was written by me (Morticia Batz), and Assistant Writers Ian, Alice Something, and Zabé! We thank you for reading! Be sure to check Devens Music out and follow them on all their social media! We are all a community and it is important to support one another!

There’s a special time while traveling when I find myself a complete stranger in an entirely new place, this kind of solitude is inspiring to me. What do you find most inspiring about traveling and how has it affected the direction your art has taken? - Zabe

I think I draw from life a lot so the more I'm experiencing it's going to change the direction of my art. Traveling I think opens the lens of the human experience both highs and lows so it only gives me more to grab from. America is a fairly new country, a lot of art hasn't touched it in comparison to somewhere like Japan, so it's nice to see these other pieces and lives.

You have a very cool style, and it changes! Where do you get your fashion inspiration from? Do you feel that your style reflects you and how you are not just a creator, but like as someone who loves fashion and makes it their own? How do you come up with the fits? Also, are there any people or designers that you like to buy from? Tell us about that? - Morticia/Batz

I often go to Thailand to see family so I get a lot of inspiration from Asian street fashion, I often try to dress as if someone took a picture of my would I be okay with how i look in public, I dread the day I get called over for a street interview and I'm looking my worst. I’m not into designers at all but maybe I really like subculture groups and movements like techwear or emo punk.

Are you originally from Los Angeles? If so, what are things you love and maybe hate about LA? If not, where are you from and what brought you here? - Morticia/Batz

I’m from Ohio actually which was originally a big change. I moved out here because I do tattoos and make music so Ohio didn't really fit into the growth of either of those two. I see a lot of people where I'm from live and die in the same county they were born in without getting out which motivated me to leave. I love that people who really fuck with your art will put you on, whether it be telling friends and getting you connected or posting your content, back home people were hesitant to share but here i feel like everyone trying to help the dream come true, so many creative people. The thing I hate about LA is how fast plans can fall through because something comes up, it seems like everything is going so fast that some plans slip through the cracks. Also everyone's always late because of traffic, no one prepares for traffic.

So you skate too? Can you tell us about that? How long have you been skating? What kind of deck do you like best? - Morticia/Batz

I’ve been skating on and off since the 6th grade, I skate on an 8’ sometimes and 8.25’ but brands? I'm not nice enough to notice, I normally just make custom decks on ccs. My skating has definitely slowed down because a few years ago I was skating vert ramps and shattered my ankle to dust so I had to get reconstructive surgery and metal is all up in my ankle holding the bones and I was in a wheelchair for a bit so. Keeping it pretty calm over here now.

Your music videos are really cool, where did you get the idea for the “Kota” video? Also, what is the meaning behind that song for you? It’s so beautiful. The transitions and fusion of genres in this are just quite unique and full of life. - Morticia/Batz

My friends Tony Pape who I still work with today because he also moved to LA listened to it and wanted to experiment with this idea of explosions on a new editing program and I think this fit very well, I showed him that wall of sound and we talked about some inception type of thing where they freeze in the air but I let him have his way with the video and how it was shot and this is what he came up with in the end. The song is about when I was in Ohio I was dating this girl I went to highschool with but she was modeling in LA and how she kind of has just grown out of me and moved onto bigger and better things, hearing from her less and less and losing that connection.

Check out "Kota" here

Your work is so distinctive, both the music and the videos. I know that anime has been a big influence. Are there other films, artists, or media you borrow from when you’re creating? - Ian

With music I try my best not to listen to anything else while writing because us humans just soak up so much so I am scared ill accidentally steal a flow or idea if I listen to anything. I really just pull from my life often, my childhood and my love life, I try my best not to take from anything.

Maybe this is an awkward throwback but it’s gotta at least be mentioned! You were on the Jubilee episode Blind Dating 6 Men Based on Their Bodies, what was that like? Was it weird putting yourself out there in that manner?

- Alice Something

It was fine, a lot of my friends work at Jubilee so I am in some very random videos, I think if you want to be an artist in the limelight there is no way you can be shy in front of a camera. It was fun and everyone was cool, the shoot was maybe 2 hours or so but cut to a 10-minute video so the internet blew that video up with millions of views and reaction videos etc. with no context. It's to be expected what they made of it but again, they weren’t seeing an hour and 50 minutes of the shoot. That's kinda the whole other side of being on the internet vs people who just consume the internet.

Check out the Jubilee video featuring Devens

What are you most excited about for 2023?

I'm excited about these new songs I'm doing some alt rock and then straight rock, I'll get back into some versions of hiphop again too. New music videos, new Tattoo show I just started releasing where I tattoo small celebrities and influencers while interviewing them and stabbing them with my tattoo needle, also just launched a graphic line of my own characters in stickers and posters. I'm also tattooing in Thailand and Japan this summer.

Are there any causes that are important to you? If you have some can you

share this with us?

Support your local artist! No one understands how discouraging it is to put yourself out there and people not fuck with it or buy what you’ve made until its your turn.

What are some of your favorite designers right now? - Morticia/Batz

Jimmy Carter and 1025, They’re friends of mine and make dope clothes

Have you ever thought about making your own designs? Or have you already done this? -Morticia/Batz

Yes I have done it once but want to approach it more from a designer perspective rather than a merch line. Especially now that I'm doing some graphic designs for my merch line i have a lot of people asking me to make them clothes. It’s something that's been on my mind but is unlikely to be something ill be taking on this year.

What are things that give you peace in your day? How do you stay rooted?- Morticia/Batz

I take literally the longest showers to decompress, I've been lifting more too, and doing more art that I'm not good at, that is fun but also keeps me humble and rooted. Checking my bank account also keeps me grounded and humble lol. A big thing that brings me peace is that I get to ride motorcycles almost every day which is a huge stress reliever in my life currently.

What are you top five anime recommendations? -Morticia/Batz

My recommended is different than my top 5

1.) Jujutsu Kaisen 2.) Demon Slayer 3.) Attack on Titan 4.) Chainsaw Man 5.) Death Note

My top 5 - 1.) Clannad After Story 2.) Bleach 3.) Naruto 4.) I want to eat you pancreas 5.) Chainsaw Man

Leave us with a quote! - Morticia/Batz

Come fail, it's part of the journey, not something to fear. You have about 5 huge fuck ups in your 20’s where you can still turn out fine I’m sure you haven’t used them all up, so if you have some sort of dream you’re wanting to chase, don't be afraid to use a few of those huge fuck ups on it. Better to fuck up now while we are young.

Find all things Devens Music! Support diy, support all art forms!

Lastly, check out Devens brand new music video "Moonlight" just released today May 11th 2023

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