Reviews: Sex Gang Children Is Coming Out With A New Album - OLIGARCH

Album photo by: G O D Photography

Sex Gang Children is coming out with a brand new album and we are beyond excited at Goth Haus LA!!

Fans of Sex Gang Children and Andi Sex Gang are going to really appreciate the album and honestly, anyone who loves music especially those into goth and punk music scenes will want to get their hands on this album. Many fans have expressed that they can not wait for this album to come out.

I know we can not wait for it to come out! But for now we have been gifted the opportunity to announce that Sex Gang Children will be releasing one track from the new album Oligarch this Friday February 5th 2021. The track is called "Death Mask Mussolini" and boy is it fantastic. When I say fantastic let me further explain this. Picture yourself sitting down somewhere relaxing and then you hear a song come on out of nowhere. As you hear this song you get up and you start dancing, not just any kind of dancing but like your dance. You know that feeling you feel - when you just can not help but dance? I guess the best way for me to describe this track is by associating it with how I feel in a deathrock club. The music plays and I just dance away in my own world even though there are many of us dancing and we are all around each other -- I am still in my own world dancing my pain and troubles away. That is what this track made me feel like. Being in this worldwide pandemic and dancing in my room more than I normally do (cause I can not go to a deathrock club or see live music in person) it made me feel a momentary notion or feeling of dancing in a deathrock club with all my friends but alone all at once. If I have confused you good! haha

On another note I am going to let you all have a short teaser of the song "Death Mask Mussolini"

Get it and listen to the full track on Friday February 5th!

Click here for Sex Gang Children Bandcamp

Click here for their website

Be sure to follow them on Instagram: Click me to go to the SGC IG

Click anywhere below on the image to go to their facebook page.

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