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Interview by Morticia

As promised we are republishing all intreviews due to VampireFreaks.com’s social network shut down. This was done January 23rd, 2018.

Born and Raised in southwest Louisiana, Hex moved to Houston in 2008 for school and ran punk and goth zines until turning to DJing in the summer of 2010.

Is there a meaning behind your Dj name?

Yes, actually there is, I got my name from a Specimen song called “Hex”, one of my faves by them so it seemed natural haha

How long have you been spinning?

Total now, for about 10 years, amazing the time has gone by that quickly, I can remember still waiting outside the first venue I ever used in Houston for a goth night in the Texas heat, it was worth it though, the pictures from that night are still hilarious.

Do you like Gargoyles or Unicorns?

Gargoyles naturally though if those two ever cross breed, I want one and I’m naming him/her Bobo… for reasons

Do you have a go-to set list? What's the first three on it?

Not really, like most DJ’s, I just start with what I feel like to open the night based on the people already there and then watch to see what keeps the floor moving, buuuut, if I had one, it’d probably be “Sex Beat” by Sex Beat because that always works for getting people excited, followed by “Electric Eyes” by Terminal Gods as far as newer acts go and the third would probably be either “Silver Waterfalls” by Siouxsie or “Dazzle” since that always gets the girls out there.

Last time you were interviewed was years ago with Anatheman from HPU (Horror punks Unite). Anything new going on since then?

Not really, sadly he and I had a falling out since then and although I had tried reaching out to him in person when I saw him at Numbers in Houston a couple years ago, he didn’t seem to want to talk so I just let it be, oh well *sigh*

Morticia: Yeah, I know it sucks. He kind of dropped from the whole scene sort of.

You still gourmet cooking? And do you have any new dishes?

Actually I do, I don’t do it professionally any more because the pay is awful and kitchens seem to host either hard core drug addicts or crazies, both things I actively avoid these day for my own sanity and safety haha, however I do small catering gigs when the mood strikes me with some local chef friends in Houston and actually I’ve come up with some lovely new recipes such as spinach and wheat raviolio’s stuffed with lobster tail meat and fontine cheese with a bit of smoked mozz in a cream sauce, very tasty.

Morticia: Oh yasss must share a Photo of some of your yummy foods. When you come to Cali cook for us! Haha

Here is some homemade from scratch Paella served family style made by DJ Hex

What kind of music do you spin?

I’m primarily known for spinning goth rock, deathrock, darker flavors of punk, darkwave, coldwave etc but these days I do like a good bit of the darker synth acts coming out like Sixth June, I’ll stand my ground when I say I’m more diverse than I’m given credit for for the naysayers, although usually the ones saying that have never actually attended any of my events or if they have, they clearly must have been out back smoking because otherwise they’d known I play a wide range of artists (rolls eyes)

People want to know; what do you love about djing? Is it being able to get people to dance? Or watching your superhuman Dj skills? Or did you make a deal with a wizard?

What I love about DJing is that it gives me a great and entertaining medium for getting new artists out to people that want to hear them, getting people to dance is great but I try to foster a love of the music and not just getting people onto the floor without them giving any thought to who I’m playing i.e. I don’t want people coming out for shallow reasons if I can help it, love the music, embrace it! I am not a technical DJ in the vein of an EDM or House DJ, I’m more punk in my approach in that I don’t require the technical tricks and knob twisting that most people think comes with being a DJ, in fact most goth DJ’s don’t have much use for that, knowing your songs, when to use them and what works for the time of night is top priority

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