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Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Interview by Morticia As promised we are republishing all intreviews due to VampireFreaks.com’s social network shut down. This was done February 7th, 2018. All content is original and nothing has been changed.

Is there a meaning behind your Dj name?

It's a name That's been with me since my youth.. Edward is my actual name, the moniker Transylvania comes from one of my earliest memories with my father. There was a movie theater in East Los Angeles called the golden gate theatre. A magnificent opera house like theatre. Every October they would show classic horror films. My father would always take me with him to view these amazing cinematic works of art! The first horror film I ever saw was with my father, at the "Golden gate theatre". It was Tod Browning's Dracula the Bela Lugosi 1931 universal film. I was about four year's old. I remember being in awe by bela lugosi's portrayal of the count. He was fierce, classic, beautiful and unapologetic! I remember asking my father, when I grow up can I be like him? He looked down at me and simply said, with the softest tone and a light smile, If you would like to? Sure you can.. .. Shortly after that time period my father passed away. . I remember once asking my father where was dracula from? His reply Transylvania.

I adopted the name at a very early age.

My circle of friends growing up always referred to me as the count

The rest as they say...

Is history.

How long have you been spinning?

About 10 years or so?

I lost track lol

Do you like goblins or gremlins?


Do you have a go-to set list? What's the first three on it?

No go to set list.

I always look at the crowd and go from there. I go by feeling mostly.

There are four artists you will always hear within my set's. No matter the genre of music I'm spinning for an event.

You will always hear David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Lou Reed and T-rex somewhere in there.

What kind of music do you spin?

I'm a music lover

So my taste in music is extremely limitless.

I've dj'd Deathrock, goth, punk rock, garage, post-punk, rockabilly, psychobilly, brit pop, surf, classical, outlaw country, jazz, swing, rock and roll and every kind of music you can imagine. The only kind of music I have not dj'd much of, is electronic music. Not because I dislike it, I just don't know enough about it.

I love alot of electronic music and squeezed early industrial in my set's.

But that's about as far electronic as I've gone.

Has anyone ever come up to you asking you to play a song, and thrown up on you or near you? This is my favorite question to ask, for selfish reasons. Haha

People ask for songs, very often.

Thrown up on or near me?

Thank god the answer is no!

So we know you DJ, but you're also in a band? And heavily involved in the Los Angeles art and music scenes? Tell us a little bit about that?

I'm the Singer and founder of the Los Angeles Band Experiment Perilous.

Music has always been in my heart, It's always been my passion. A way to exorcise the demons

My ultimate therapy. My father and mother always had music playing in the background growing up.

So naturally it's in me in my blood.

I've supported local artists and have been involved within the art's in los Angeles for a great many year's.

Galleries, exhibits, Spoken word.

I truly believe the creative aspects within the arts in our existence, is like the closest thing to An embrace from god!

When are your next Dj and band gigs?

Next Dj gig is Feb 15th at sonic reducer

A monthly event at LA cuevita aka the little cave in Highland Park.

A few more are coming up also.

Band gigs more toward summer.

Sonic reducer flyer

Also, we want to be a bit nosey; and ask about your big collections of vinyl, tapes, cassettes, and stuff? You have any other collections?

I've been collecting music since I was a boy. So I have tons of vinyl, cds, cassettes, 8 track tapes, reel to reel. There is not much in music I have not collected.

I collect classic horror art, literature tons of other types things I find fascinating which happens to be a lot of dark and unusual pop culture kind of things.

I'm a big lucha libre fan. So I've got tons of luchador masks. Original masks by the legend's El hijo del santo, Mil mascaras and blue demon jr all autographed by them.

Morticia: Oohhhh can we see!?

Here are some of Dj Edward Transylvania's collections.

Morticia: Wow! I'm so jealous of your collection! Can't wait to do a part two for this interview! Thank you for sharing!

I know we are asking a lot of questions; but there's so much we want to know. (This is definitely going to be a 2-part interview. We'll revisit next year). But, we heard you go out and feed the homeless?

Yes i do.

That is something that is incredibly dear to me. Every year myself and my long time circle of friends. Go out and help feed our brothers and sisters in the street's who have it pretty rough and are less fortunate .

It's a heartbreaking and very fulfilling experience at the same time.

Been doing it with my friends for decades now.

People want to know; what do you love about djing? Is it being able to get people to dance? Or watching your superhuman Dj skills? Or did you make a deal with a wizard?

I love escaping within the music.

I love hearing folks share stories

Of memories within a song.

I love watching the world around me unite with one pulsating groovy beat, that keeps you dancing to the beat of the living dead!

Morticia: Before we ask the last question, I can't help but share some of these photos of you performing and Djing!

Last question; we'll sort of. Leave us with a quote:

Forget labels

Forget uniforms

It's all rock and roll!

If you love it then turn the music up full volume!

This is the only life we are ever gonna know at this very moment in time.

Live, love, cry, smile, laugh, get angry

But just live and love yourself no matter what! And always I mean Always

Lust for life like a mother fucker!

One life to live

Not one life to give!

So create one hell of a soundtrack for it!

You can find DJ Edward Transylvania on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/edward.transylvania

Find Experiment Perilous here

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Experiment.Perilous/

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