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A Deejay A Day: Ralphie Nigma (Republished)

(This interview was originally published in March 2018. The mention of Vampirefreaks was when I used to write and post featured site content.)

Is there a meaning behind your Dj name? The meaning of the name to me means being a living riddle. How long have you been spinning? I started messing with dj equipment while working at Vinyl Fetish in late 2004. But in 2006 Dj Dark Chrystal got me to guest Dj at Perversion so that was my 1st official gig. What was your favorite cartoon growing up? (Or video game) I loved Tom & Jerry, Transformers, Voltron, Looney Tunes and my favorite videogame was Metriod for Nintendo. If you could be any mystical creature; what would you be and why? I think im a mystical creature already tee hee

Do you have a go-to set list? What's the first three on it? Not at all. I like to surprise the people on the dancefloor. What kind of music do you spin? Deathrock , Post-Punk, Punk, New Wave and Whatever I feel like lol!!!! Morticia: You're such a deathrock thug When are your next Dj gigs? For the month March catch me at Zerøx in Highland Park, Playground Twist in Bell Gardens and Sonic Reducer in Highland Park again. A full circle lol. Does Whiskey give you all the happiness in the world? No!!! What gives me happiness everyone enjoying the great tunes that I play for them while having some good drinks and couples kissing each other influencing others to find there soul mates. So you started Playground twist? What's it been like? Yes I started Playground Twist thanks to Joe Leyva for giving me an opportunity to use one of the venues he has contact with. This has been quite the rollercoaster ride I'm very fortunate to have my friends from Release The Bats (Dave and Jenn Bats) Tour Fiend - Eviethestrange and Jak Syn - JakSynmusic (Evie Strange and John Jackson) for helping me push and giving an image to the club with awesome flier designs and killer videos. Also Psychic Tiffany for her tarot card readings and her medium abilities giving it a nice type of mystique to the place. Last but not least Dj Dark Chrystal - DjdarkChrystal for bringing her skills behind the dj booth and bringing beauty to it!! Im glad I get to work with her again it's been a while like back to the days of REDLIGHT! And a huge thanks to all the people that come and support your local Deathrock clubs and a special thanks to you Morticia - and VampireFreaks for your ongoing support and the darkness Debauchery we bring Some photos of the people mentioned above

Morticia: Of course man we are all like a big family! Jenn and Dave are the best! Jak and Evie are superb and Psychic Tiffany is momma Tiff.

When was the last time you ever skateboarded?

When I was 14!!!!

Morticia: That's it I'm bringing a skateboard to Release the bats or Playground twist and you're going to push the board.

How is it working with F-girl and the whole band Fangs on Fur?

Working with Fangs On Fur and especially F-Girl it's like this I'm gonna quote the amazing Tomata Du Plenty from The Screamers YOU ARE THE RIOT which is F-GIRL AND I AM THE SCREAAAAMMM which is FANGS ON FUR that's how I can describe them. A fun carnival of disaster!!!!

So we heard that you help save humans? Tell us about that? What lead you to chose this as your profession?

Well I take it more as I'm assisting a surgeon with a machine creates lasers to dissolve unwanted bladder or kidney stones hmm....I guess it's more like helping taking the pain and discomfort away so yeah I guess it's saving a life making sure that someone's life can go on for a bit longer. The reason I went for this profession was more to learn and finding some sort of career that's meaningful.

A lot of people on VF like cats; tell us about your cats?

These are my little ladies as you can see my chunky Raggamuffin sitting down is Gorda and those two right there are daughter and mother my tuxedo cat her name is Koko and her momma is Ash or Ashley. They all have different attitudes for instance Gorda is the queen of the castle she does whatever she wants and will be nice and flirtatious for treats!! Ashley is more of a sweetheart she loves to sit next to you and cuddle while watching tv and will roll on the floor in cute way for treats and finally Koko well she loves to be with me at all times and wants my attention at all times if I don't give her any attention she'll pad me in my arm or walk across me to get it.

People want to know; what do you love about djing? it being able to get people to dance? Or watching your superhuman Dj skills? Or did you make a deal with a wizard?

For me it's introducing new bands and playing some old b-sides from classic bands and loving it when the people dance to tunes they never heard. And no I dont have super human dj powers!!!

Last question; we'll sort of. Leave us with a quote: "Kick arrogance to the curb and being humble has true rewards "

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