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A Deejay A Day: Dj Sean Templar (Republished)

(This was originally published March 5th 2018, and everything is as is - except at the very bottom where we added a new photo and link. This is when I was a content writer for Vampirefreaks).

Is there a meaning behind your Dj name? Yes, I have always been a major history buff. Crusader history being my favorite. The clash of religion and civilization that lasted hundreds of years and brought about so much change and invention. The Poor Knights of Christ or the Knights Templar were a looming powerhouse at the time. One part monk and one part warrior, their righteous devotion helped to forge the modern age. For as long as I have been Deejaying this has been the name I use. How long have you been spinning? I have been spinning for a long time. I have always been into the Gothic and Punk subculture. Always making mix tapes and handing them out to friends. It wasn't until college that I really went for it. My freshmen year I joined the radio station that was 1991 and they let me get away with murder. This was when everyone was trying to bring back Disco and I was spinning things like Christian Death, Skinny Puppy and 1919 over the air. It was brilliant. After graduation I stopped and then my now Super Wife Mandana and the dearly departed Val asked me to spin at a night called Hell at the Pyramid which was in 1999. I have been throwing parties ever since. What was your favorite cartoon growing up? I am into anime and cartoons. Growing up it would have to be Robotech for sure. Then much later on I remember being fabulously hungover and turning on Nickelodeon and finding Invader Zim from the creator of Jhonny The Homicidal Maniac. I remember trying not to laugh as my head was throbbing from the night before buy I just couldn't stop myself. Damn you Jhonen! Now my favorite is Archer for sure. Mandana doesn't like it, but I think it's because I love it. If you could be any mystical creature; what would you be and why? The dreaded Moosicorn; part Moose and part Unicorn. It comes from a remote forest in Sweden and can grow up to 50 feet tall and can never die! Tell us about the Red party? And any other events you do? The Red Party is my baby. I am very proud of it and therefore very protective of it. I started the party at an Irish Bar on Orchard St. 11 years ago. One night I was getting wrecked with the bartenders (Powers), they were old goths from back in Ireland and asked if I would be interested in having a go at it. I said yes and we have been going for 11 years now. To our humble surprise, it was a huge success from the second we opened the door and I think it was because at the time people really had no faith that Goth, on its own, could carry a night. I knew better, and now because of this, there are now hundreds Goth events in New York so not sure if you should be thanking me or throwing stones at my face. I also help run Underworld, another long running event now at Saint Vitus! It's a fantastic monthly event. We hold nothing sacred and hold nothing back. Its a lot of fun. Also, I throw a Music Festival in Brooklyn called A Murder of Crows which brings together newer and older acts as well as DJs from around the world. We have been doing very well with it so far but it is a lot of work. I am currently working on the fourth one now. Morticia: Yeah my friends go over to both of those from Cali, as you know we have some of the same friends. I plan to travel over there sometime, it would be rad. Do you have a go-to set list? What's the first three on it? If I have new songs I want to debut, I will create a 'Setlist' so I don't forget to play them. Otherwise, I tend to just wing it. I do have favorite artists that I like to fit in when I can such as New Model Army, The Damned and I guess Nephilim. What kind of music do you spin? I am known mostly for Goth & Deathrock but I do have a wider palate. I used to spin tiki and psychobilly at Psychomania and classic Industrial at Underworld. When are your next Dj gigs? Well, I just got off a tour down the East coast with The Exploding Boy which was so much fun! Next is The Red Party's 10th annual Welcome to the Reptile House. It's our night to play lots of Sisters Of Mercy which is one of my all time favorite bands. Then, I am going to get to DJ and hang with a bunch of my friends at Dark Side of the Con. That is going to be an incredible weekend. I am so happy Jet is doing this.That sexy beast!

Tell us about your collections? I have a nice collection of first edition books which I have stopped pursuing as I got into collecting Silver Age Comic Books. I really got back into collecting them just over a year ago and I have really formed a rather amazing collection. People want to know; what do you love about djing? Is it being able to get people to dance? Or watching your superhuman Dj skills? Or did you make a deal with a wizard? It goes back to when I was really young in the scene when I would make mix tapes for my friends. I always got excited about discovering music and sharing it with people. I love the connection it makes. The people who come to hear me spin are very passionate about the music and I love that. If I am doing well, they let me know and if I am not, they really let me know. I made so many wonderful friends by just doing what I love doing and the best part is they come to me. God, I am lazy. Last question; we'll sort of. Leave us with a quote: My motto is simple; 'Quality Over Cruelty'. It means always be good and do the best you can. Don't try to get ahead by being two faced or just plain mean. This is supposed to be fun. Some photos of Dj Templar

Staff Edit 7/18/20 Follow Dj Templar's Twitch for his live deejay sets: https://www.twitch.tv/theredpartynyc


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